George Nekilan

Has a vegetable garden in his backyard, 5th son out of 8 and is a sucker for chick flicks.

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Lies You Tell When Netflix Cheating on Your Partner
3 months ago
If you're in a romantic relationship and you've never Netflix cheated, chances are you've still been Netflix cheated on. Netflix cheating is considered by many to be an unforgivable sin, while others ...
Top R-Rated Superhero Movies
4 months ago
Movies based superhero comic book character began to appear in movie theaters as early as 1939 when Mandrake the Magician opened in theaters. Serials soon followed featuring Captain Marvel, Batman, Th...
Best Comics of 2017 for Fans of Every Genre
a year ago
Comics books aren't just about superheroes and space, there's much more than just those two worlds. In fact, there's an amazing array of comic books that can be enjoyed by almost anyone. Many comics t...