Jon Dobbin

the father of three, the husband to an amazing wife, an educator, and a tattoo and beard enthusiast.
Top 10 Books of 2018
6 months ago
2018 is done. It's over. There were lots of downs, some ups, and a whole crate full of mehs. Despite all of that, myself and a few others were able to get a whole lot of reading done. Unlike my Top 10...
Best Books of 2017
2 years ago
A few years ago, I made New Year’s Resolution to read more. I was an avid book collector but just couldn’t get around to reading them. I wanted that to change. Like many people of my generation, I was...
4 Reasons Why 'Die Hard' Is Basically 'A Christmas Carol'
2 years ago
The Christmas season is a time for love and acceptance, for peace and joy, for gifts and gift-giving. It is a happy time that you are able to spend with the people you love when you can enjoy each oth...