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I love analyzing, theorizing, and writing about movies. Check out my stories on Pixar, Harry Potter, Back to the Future, Star Wars, Marvel, and WAY more!

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'Death Wish' Provides Awesome Vigilante Action, Great Story
a year ago
Eli Roth's Death Wish remake recently came out. I saw the trailer, saw Bruce Willis in it, being the badass he always is, and knew that I had to watch this movie, even though I didn't watch the origin...
10 Fun Facts About 'Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets'!
a year ago
Last month, I wrote "10 Fun Facts About 'Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone!'", and to continue with the series, here are ten fun facts about Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, the film.
Pixar Theory: The Unseen Cannibalism of Wall-E!
a year ago
Man, wouldn't you love to live on the Axiom? You get to sit around all day, you never have to exercise or work, and you get to consume all your food by slurping it down in liquid form. Until you reali...
How 'Skyscraper' Is Essentially Ripping Off 'Die Hard'
a year ago
Man, these days, The Rock is in every movie, isn't he? I mean, every single month, you check out the new movie trailers and at least one of them is starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. And one of his u...
'Back to the Future' Theory: Parts II & III Never Happened?!
a year ago
In 1985, Back to the Future hit the big screen, and it was an instant hit. I have to say, when I'm asked what my favorite movie is, it's a little hard because of the amount of movies I love, but Back ...
'The Incredibles 2' Olympics Sneak Peek: Breakdown
a year ago
Alright, so we're finally getting The Incredibles 2 after fourteen long years of waiting, and we got a brand new sneak peek of the film recently, and I wanted to break it down frame-by-frame and make some predictions about the film.