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Hey, everyone! My name's Jessica, and I am a Christian and aspiring novelist just trying my hand at writing articles! Thanks so much for viewing my page/works on here!

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Why Are They the Way They Are? 'The Office' MBTI Types (Main Characters)
3 months ago
This might help answer that question about some of the main 'Office' (U.S.) characters, typing them according to MBTI Personality Type theory!
Simple, Overlooked Solutions to Prevent an Entire Movie!
9 months ago
Do you ever notice, as you're watching a movie, or realize five months after you've watched it, that the plot-line really could've had a simple solution—overlooked by the characters and perhaps even t...
April Ludgate's Mysterious Late Appearance
10 months ago
Not surprisingly, April was the most difficult character for me to type. Is she a thinking type or feeling type? Do her more emotionally motivated actions result from Fi (Introverted Feeling) or an in...
Why They Do What They Do: 'Parks and Recreation' MBTI Types
10 months ago
Based on MBTI theory, here's a quick discussion for how I've typed each of the main 'Parks and Recreation' characters!
Illiterature: Uncultured Readers or Merely Born in a New Era?
10 months ago
Do you ever open a book of classic literature, something renowned in the literary canon, and feel your jaw slowly sag...your eyes start pacing...and your mind begin spinning in circles as though you a...