Kathryn Barnsley

Harry Potter & cosmetic fanatic. I write fiction novels for fun.

"Beauty fades, dumb is forever!" - Bianca Del Rio

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Top 10 Objects in the 'Harry Potter' Universe
9 months ago
Which one would you want?
Top 10 Pets in the 'Harry Potter' Universe
9 months ago
10. Fang Fang is Rubeus Hagrid's over-sized Boarhound, similar to a Great Dane in the Muggle universe, and although Hagrid cares for a great range of creatures, he has formed a special bond with Fang....
Who is Draco Malfoy?
9 months ago
Over the years, the Harry Potter fandom has conjured up many different theories, like Professor Snape being a vampire or Sirius Black and Remus Lupin being secret lovers. However, with little evidence...