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I am a writer with a wide range of interests.  Don't see anything that sparks your fancy? Check back again later, you might be surprised by what's up my sleeve.

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'Black Panther' Quick Hits
4 days ago
So, I don't often review movies that are still in theaters because of the obvious spoiler factor. Good, bad, or meh I want you to want to see a movie regardless of what I think and I want you to enjoy...
Does 'Batman v Superman' Make Sense?
21 days ago
On the outside, Batman v Superman is a complete mess from beginning to “MARTHA!” Now I’m not going to ever claim it’s a great movie; to be sure, it has its storytelling flaws and would certainly be be...
Is Superman a U.S. Citizen?
a month ago
Not long ago I was embroiled in a debate with a friend; the question was if Clark Kent is a legal citizen of the United States, does that technically meant he could be drafted? That got me thinking: W...
a month ago
Bright was...pretty dim. So recently, my wife and I sat down and watched the Netflix original movie released in 2017 Bright, starring Will Smith as a human cop Daryl Ward and Joel Edgerton as orcish c...