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I am a writer with a wide range of interests.  Don't see anything that sparks your fancy? Check back again later, you might be surprised by what's up my sleeve.

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'Griff the Invisible': A Film Review
a year ago
I want to shed a little light on a rare gem my wife found at the dollar store the other day, and if you’ve not heard of it, don’t worry, because by its very name, it doesn’t get a lot of notice. I am ...
The Fall of Channel Awesome
a year ago
Breaking down the Google document which highlighted in detail the issues that producers had with Channel Awesome, it can basically be broken down into two categories. You have the majority of the fema...
Is This the End of Channel Awesome?
a year ago
This is something that has weighed on me for some time. I’ve been a personal fan of the content creators on the website Channel Awesome for quite some time, but I noticed not too terribly long ago tha...
'Krypton' Episode 3: The Rankless Initiative
a year ago
Oh wow…we are opening with a “Last time on Krypton…” recap. I hate recaps. I really do. Do we really have such short attention spans that we HAVE to have the major events from the last episode retold ...
Krypton Episode 2: "The House of El" Review
a year ago
Picking up where we left on in the pilot, Episode 2: "The House of El" sees us back in Val-El’s Fortress of Solitude with Adam Strange trying to convince Seg-El that the fate of the universe rests in ...
Why 'Flashpoint' is Bad for the DCEU
a year ago
Do you remember all those memes that show two nearly identical characters and say something to the effect of copying someone else's work? Yeah, here's the thing; Flashpoint has already been done. The ...