Michael Reynoso

Michael Reynoso is a passionate anime and game writer. His love for the world of anime began when he was 7 years-old. He writes to bring joy and excitement to all anime and gamers alike as an escape to uplift their spirits.

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'Dragon Ball Super:' A 'New' Saiyan Revealed!!
17 hours ago
Welcome 'Dragon Ball' fans!! I am yours truly, Michael. We got some "breaking news!!" This was just released related to the Dragon Ball Legends mobile game and the 'new' Saiyan. I am very surprised by...
'Dragon Ball Super:' Uub's Master Revealed!!
2 days ago
Welcome Dragon Ball Super fans!! Now, we all know that Goku trained Uub back in Dragon Ball GT. However, there is someone else who trained Uub before entering the "World Martial Arts Tournament." Who ...
'Dragon Ball Super' Movie 2018 Official Trailer: A New Villain Revealed!!
3 days ago
BREAKING NEWS!!! OMG!! We just got a new trailer for the upcoming Dragon Ball Super Movie coming straight from Toei Animation's account on Twitter. WOW!!! Does this look glorious?! I am excited just a...
'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 131 Preview: The Finale!!
4 days ago
Welcome, Dragon Ball Super fans!! The final episode is finally here! Episode 131 is subtitled, "Preview" above in high definition (HD). I am yours truly, Michael, and today, we are going to break down what is happening. You got Yuya Takahashi, the legendary animator, who worked on episodes 110 and 122. He has made an epic comeback. Takahashi is going to be animating episode 131 and is going to absolutely blow our mind. We have all the spoilers that you guys need to know. So I am going to give yo...
'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 130 Review: Freeza & Android 17 Returns!!!
5 days ago
Welcome, Dragon Ball Super fans!! WOW!!!! Android 17 is alive!!! We all thought he died back in episode 127. Also, Freeza made his grand return and saves the day. This is the best time to be a Dragon ...
'Dragon Ball Super': Ultra Instinct 'Roar' Explained!!
8 days ago
Welcome back, my Dragon Ball theorists!! I am yours truly, Michael, and today we will discuss the theory behind Goku's "Roar" and its true nature. So let's jump right in!