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‘Dragon Ball Super’ Movie Update: The Return of Broly!!!
5 days ago
BREAKING NEWS!!! It is now “confirmed” that the Ancient Saiyan villain in the upcoming ‘Dragon Ball Super’ movie will be the fan-favorite, Broly!! He will be coming to the movie on December 14 later t...
‘Dragon Ball Heroes’ Episode 1 HD Review!!!
12 days ago
Wow!!!! Dragon Ball Heroes episode one was finally aired!!! This show really brought it home and it gave us a lot of great expectations from beginning to end. Now you guys may be wondering, where can ...
‘Dragon Ball Heroes’ Episode 2 Preview: Vegito Kaio-Ken Blue?!!!
13 days ago
On July 1, we saw the first episode of Dragon Ball Heroes, which aired online, and it was about six minutes long of raw animation. We were introduced to Xeno Goku as he fought against the regular Goku...
‘Dragon Ball Super’ Manga Chapter 37 Review: Frieza vs Universe 6 Saiyans!!!
21 days ago
So the last couple of months, Toyotaro has really been under fire from a huge portion of the Dragon Ball Super fan community. Even though he is not aware that the question going into the Dragon Ball S...
'Dragon Ball Heroes' Episode 1 Trailer Review: Vegito Blue Returns!!!
24 days ago
We have some ground-breaking information in regards to the upcoming "Dragon Ball Heroes" anime, which will premiere on July 1, 2018. As we have ourselves the first ever look, we will know what to expe...
'Dragon Ball Super' Movie Update: New Characters Revealed!!!
a month ago
Breaking News!!! Today, the next issue of "V-Jump Magazine" was released and boy, this was an interesting development for the upcoming Dragon Ball Super movie. We have the reveal of Frieza's new chara...