Neal Litherland

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Neal Litherland is an author, freelance blogger, and RPG designer. A regular on the Chicago convention circuit, he works in a variety of genres.

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It's Okay To Admit There Are Problems In Your Hobby
2 years ago
When you're a geek, your hobby is your happy place. Whether it's the flying of digital lead in the latest first-person shooter, the shuffle of Magic cards, the wood pulp aroma of comic books, or the r...
The Varangian Guard
2 years ago
The Eastern Roman Empire was a place of grandeur and majesty, and Byzantium (known today as Constantinople) outlived the Western half of the empire by centuries. However, while the Eastern Empire was ...
The Medusa Model 47
2 years ago
Be honest, you've got a zombie survival plan. Even if you aren't one of those doomsday preppers, or a fan of The Walking Dead, you've had this discussion with friends or co-workers at some point. From...