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10 Most Upsetting Endings of Favorite Kids' Shows
11 days ago
Everyone out there has a favorite television show they watched as a kid. In fact, many older adults will rewatch their favorite kids' shows as a way to help strike up some nostalgia, get that nice com...
Worst 'Simpsons' Episodes Ever Made
5 months ago
The Simpsons is the longest-running cartoon show of all time, and is viewed as a slice of American pop culture. It’s the classic sitcom starring a hapless dad, a loving mom, and three kids. Everyone o...
Real Stories of People Who Died While Filming
6 months ago
It's hard to believe, but television is almost 100 years old. The first TV was invented in 1928, and since then, we have had thousands of television shows grace the small screen. TV has played a massi...
Scandals That Got Child Actors Fired from TV Shows
6 months ago
Child actors are very troubled people, and it's easy to understand why they get that way. Hollywood is rife with scandal, drugs, and everyone out to use everyone else. For the most part, child actors ...
Top 11 Anime Food Items You Want to Actually Eat
6 months ago
Over the years, there have been many arguments in anime geek culture. There are arguments over which ship is best, whether Dragon Ball Z sucked, and a number of others. Anime culture is both a friendl...
Strangest Marvel Superheroes Ever Made
7 months ago
The Marvel Comics Universe is one of the largest, most expansive fictional worlds ever to be created—and it's full of amazing stories and rich characters. That's why we love Marvel comics, and why so ...