Paul Levinson

Paul Levinson's novels include The Silk Code (winner Locus Award, Best 1st Science Fiction Novel of 1999) & The Plot To Save Socrates. His nonfiction including Fake News in Real Context has been translated into 15 languages. 

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Review of 'You'
2 months ago
I've been hearing a lot about You recently—originally on Lifetime, more recently binge-able on Netflix—usually along the lines of "I didn't like it at all, but I couldn't help watching it." Count me a...
Review of The Orville 1.1-5
a year ago
I'd planned on catching up on all the episodes of The Orville thus far before writing a review, but episode 1.5 was so good -- and a time travel story to boot, my favorite kind of science fiction -- t...
Review of Stranger Things 2
a year ago
I found Stranger Things 2 bigger and better than 1.
Review of Game of Thrones 7.7
2 years ago
An excellent season 7 finale of Game of Thrones last night, though, I have to say, not quite as exciting or decisive as last week's penultimate episode (but that's often the case these years — the nex...
Review of Game of Thrones 7.6
2 years ago
I thought last night's Game of Thrones 7.6 was the best episode so far in the entire series. We finally got to see the battle between the dragons and the dead. Dragon fire versus dead ice and everythi...
Review of Game of Thrones 7.5
2 years ago
Game of Thrones 7.5 on Sunday night was a rare episode indeed in which reason seemed to be breaking out all over—just in time for at least the beginning of a united front against the dead of the north...