Peter P

I'm Peter,born in 1966 and from Belgium. Married with Veronika.Two lovely kids,Karolien & Filip.I'm a big movie-fan.That's why I created a blog.It's fun writing for it.Leave a comment there.That'll make my day :)

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'I Still See You' (2018)
4 months ago
The Event took people we cared about, but it also left a part of them behind. Remnants. When I saw Shovel Buddies a while ago, I decided to add the item “Watch movies with Bella Thorne playing in it” ...
Film Review: 'Warning Shot' (2018)
5 months ago
Summary A single mother and her young daughter struggle to make ends meet until they inherit their family's farmhouse. When a business rival covets their water rights, the situation spirals out of con...
'Dark Crimes' (2018)
6 months ago
Summary: Tadek, a police officer who finds similarities between the assassination of a policeman and a crime narrated in a book by the writer, Krystov Kozlow. When Tadek begins to track down Kozlow an...
'Thoroughbreds' (2017)
7 months ago
First it was borderline personality, then severe depression, yesterday, she said it was antisocial with schizoid tendency. She’s basically just flipping to random pages of the DSM-5and throwing medica...
'A Wrinkle in Time' (2018)
7 months ago
To utilize a tesseract… all you need is to tap into the right frequency. You just need your mind. I’ve never tried LSD in my life, but while watching this confusing and psychedelic-looking movie, I th...
7 months ago
It’s intense. The infinite horizon. After a few days, I feel reborn. You know, just you, the wind and the sound of the boat cutting through the ocean. When you compare Adrift with the movie All Is Los...