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There's No Martha in This Batman v Superman Pokemon Battle
2 years ago
The #DCEU ultimate titan fight between the Dark Knight and Superman was like a bad '70s swingers party, with Martha squeezed between steel and leather for all the wrong reasons. Cartoon Hooligans have...
Kurt Busiek And George Perez’s 'JLA/Avengers' Is The Cinematic Crossover We've Been Waiting For
2 years ago
The passionate competition between DCEU and MCU fans is stuff of legend. There can never be one clear winner of this debate and neither side will ever back down. The two opposing views are relentlessl...
You're Welcome: How Disney's 'Moana' Has 'Unfrozen' Kids' Interests
2 years ago
Parents, godparents, grandparents and friends alike will all tell you the incredible infatuation kids all over the globe continue to have with Disney's Frozen. The innumerable #Frozen-themed kids part...
Japanese Photographer "Hot Kenobi" Is Bringing Action Figurines To Life
2 years ago
Japanese artist, @HotKenobi has taken his figurines out of the box (I could never do that) to photograph tongue-in-cheek scenarios that are truly brilliant. Using his skill with a camera, HotKenobi ca...
From Bouncer To King Nereus: How A Chance Encounter With Grace Jones Changed Dolph Lundgren's Life
2 years ago
Dolph Lundgren is the perfect casting to play the Atlantean King Nereus in #JamesWan's adaptation of #Aquaman. With a long list of formidable characters under his belt, the strong and fearsome king of...
Out of the Ball and Into Our Hearts: Artist Crowdfunding Life-like 'Pokemon' Art
2 years ago
Joshua Dunlop is a Concept Artist, Creature Designer, and Illustrator whose realistic Pokémon images distinguish themselves beyond simple notebook fandom. His portfolio contains a treasure trove of se...