Shauna Graham

Hi there!

I'm a creative writer/ journalist who wants to focus on the arts in this little part of cyber space. I'm a classic movie buff, gamer and reader in my spare time; so I feel I could really add a more unique tomboy perspective here.

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'Broken Path:' Riveting Action/Revenge Thriller from Power Rangers' Director Koichi Sakamoto
5 months ago
Ok, first of all, I would be a bit 'apprehensive' myself about the former Power Rangers director, Koichi Sakamoto, directing this martial arts epic from the off-start. However, as we're introduced to ...
'Killing Eve': Two Women. Two Sides of the Same Coin. Both Caught up in Something Much Bigger
9 months ago
A TV series, written by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, that approaches femininity in an entirely refreshing way that tantalises the tastebuds for more; if you just dare yourself to dive into episode 1 availabl...
Why 'Kill Bill Vol. 1' Is the Best Western Montage of Kung Fu, Anime, and Action Movies to Date
9 months ago
Kill Bill (just Vol. 1 in this article) has to be the best homage to classic kung-fu, anime, and action movies that has been produced from one of the greats, Quentin Tarantino, that has created a pop ...