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Stones and Boxes: This Is How Mother Boxes In the DCEU Differ From Marvel's Infinity Stones
16 days ago
We are introduced to the Mother Boxes for the first time in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (Ultimate Edition) when Lex Luthor is seen to be apparently conversing with Steppenwolf who shows him thr...
Rowling Verifies: A 6 Year Old Compiled a 'Back To Hogwarts' List and It's Adorable
16 days ago
J.K.Rowling has created a whole new world for us and it has engulfed people all over the world in its beauty. There are hardcore Potterheads who pride themselves on their knowledge of the wizarding wo...
9 Weasleys Weren't Enough: Everything About Mafalda Weasley and Why She Didn't Make the Books
16 days ago
Try to imagine a character as nosy as Rita Skeeter and meritorious as Hermione. Weird, right? Well, Potterheads missed out an opportunity to be introduced to such a character, who would have been name...
'Game of Thrones' Star Sophie Turner's Fiancé Looks Like Littlefinger and Twitter Is Going Crazy
16 days ago
Earlier this week, one of our favorite Starks announced her engagement officially via Instagram. Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner has been dating singer Joe Jonas since last year, but they only rece...
From Rags To Riches: 6 Celebrities Who Initially Struggled Financially and Are Now Worth Millions
16 days ago
We often tend to see the fame and money associated with celebrities overlooking their struggle and the hard work they had to put in to reach the limelight. The path is not always covered with roses an...
Could Tyrion Lannister Be the Prince Who Was Promised?
16 days ago
As HBO's epic fantasy series Game of Thrones is racing towards its final season, two big mysteries still remain behind the curtains: who is the Prince That Was Promised, and who shall sit on the Iron ...