Taylor Underwood

Just a girl who likes to geek out over movies and TV. Likes to talk about acting and New York City. Just normal stuff.

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What 'Shadowhunters' Means to Me... And So Many Others
a year ago
It’s been about two and a half weeks since my favorite show, Shadowhunters, was cancelled. I’ve been actively online working with the Save Shadowhunters movement, adding the proper tags to almost all ...
When Our Shows Leave Us
a year ago
What happens to an avid fan when their favorite show gets canceled? Well, a lot of things. For some fans, it’s a sign to move on. It doesn’t hit them very hard and they can say, “Well, it had a good r...
Representation in Freeform's 'Shadowhunters'
a year ago
We all sit and binge watch television at some point in our lives. We find our favorites TV shows that way. A couple years ago I had many friends telling me I should watch Freeform’s Shadowhunters. So ...