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Best Anime on Netflix

Stop scrolling through your queue—we've chosen the best anime on Netflix right now.

Ask any anime fan and they will confirm—anime is not just a cartoon. Much more than children's entertain, anime is an art form. With complex plot lines and multidimensional characters, the subject matter in most anime's is anything but juvenile. For die hard dans, it may feel overwhelming when trying find the right series in the vast world of anime streaming online. Luckily, Netflix has simplified the selection by providing a fantastic assortment to choose from. Viewers can rest assured that this list will provide guidance in finding the best anime on Netflix right now!

Attack on Titan

Humans face extinction from horrendous Titans in Attack on Titan. In this world, mankind lives in a three-tiered, walled-off zone that protects them from human-like giants outside. No one knows their origins, how they reproduce, why they only go after humans, or pretty much anything about them. Eren, a strong minded kid acts as Attack on Titan's protagonist. His dream of living in titan free world is fueled when an abnormal Titan breaks the wall protecting his community. With the help from a citizens militia, Eren will not rest until the last Titan is destroyed.

 Fairy Tail

Magic and spells are as common as breathing in this wizardry world. In fact, magic may be a wizard’s only source of income. One particular guild, called Fairy Tail, extends their powers beyond servicing for money. This guild spends their time defeating criminals, subjugating illegal guilds, and eliminating ancient demons. Natsu, a member with distinct abilities, has a side mission apart from Fairy Tail’s usual undertakings. He is in search of a missing dragon. The tasks test the skills of the wizards and introduces them to powerful enemies. Epic battles are fought and emotions are stirred with saddening loss. A tale of camaraderie, bravery, and determination sets the guild members of Fairy Tail in defining their potentials as wizards. There are no dull moments in this magical, action packed anime.  


Yashiro Isana, a student, finds himself in trouble because of a look-alike, in K. This dilemma puts K in the list of the best anime on Netflix right now. Yashiro lives in a time of technological advancements ruled by Kings belonging to clans. These clans possess awesome attributes of supernatural abilities. Kings of clans enlist members and take serious accountability in protecting clansmen. Yashiro runs into a lethal predicament when a video of a murder of a clansman goes viral. The murderer happens to look strikingly identical to him! The odds are against Yashiro despite his innocence. A manhunt is out for his life and forces him to take refuge with a helpful individual. War erupts between Kings as Yashiro struggles with questions and conspiracy while trying to prove his innocence. Character development and mystery leave viewers wanting to know how the end unravels. 


Not all anime is set in fantasy. Nana takes a step back from the fantasy realm and into a more plausible reality. A band singer, Nana Osaki, faces a tough choice when her boyfriend leaves the band. She goes to Tokyo for a fresh start, and meets a woman named Nana Komatsu. Nana Komatsu is venturing to Tokyo to be with friends and her boyfriend. Both women are very different but end up becoming roommates in an apartment. Clashing personalities form a close friendship between them. Tribulation centers on them in friendship and romance. One Nana desires fame from the growing popularity of her band while the other aspires to fulfill her ideas of romance and a happy ending. Viewers can relate with Nana 's message of maturing in relationships, life choices, and ambitions.  


Time travel acts as a character if it's own in InuYasha. Teenager Kagome Higurashi travels to the past when a demon pulls her into a well, where she is somehow connected to precious jewel. The kidnapping brings her to a young man, InuYasha, who has a supernatural quality about him. The jewel is discovered, shattered, and dispersed across the ancient world. InuYasha and Kagome work together in retrieving the shards and take care of emerging threats. They form a group of special members to join them on their quest of ridding the jewel from the world. Origins of personal history are learned, relationships are conflicted, and the outcome of good overruling evil depends on the group’s success. 

 Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online slides onto the list of best anime on Netflix because of its unique plot. In this anime, an online virtual reality game gives the players gaming control with their mind. One day, players become trapped in the game until bosses are defeated and the game is completed. It doesn’t sound terrible, except in-game injuries and removing gear out-of-game actually causes real-life death. Kazuto “Kirito” Kirigaya, an experienced tester, attempts to play the game alone. He forms relationships with other players and discovers hidden, real-world agendas that are causing the entrapping incident. Endurance, skills, and love are tested of the characters as they seek to put an end to the catastrophe.   


Spiritual power and awareness is the life blood of the Bleach series. Ichigo Kurosaki resumes the roll of a Soul Reaper and later finds out his friends have spiritual gifts too. Ichigo seeks to save the Soul Reaper he is substituting for when she is sentenced to death. This entitles battling other Soul Reapers and discovering the framing of the previous Soul Reaper. The false transgressions are part of a grand scheme of evil plots. Ichigo’s long quest is comprised of engaging many different enemies. Duty and power come clashing between the fight for restoring good from evil. Junkies for spiritual power and action will get their fill from this anime on Netflix.

Knights of Sidonia 

Knights of Sidonia resides in futuristic outer space. A race of shape-shifting aliens have destroyed Earth and mankind is only able to sustain galactic survival because of space ships created from the planet’s remains. Sidonia hosts what is suspected to be the last human settlement. Although Sidonia has defensive tactics, mankind is not free of alien attacks. From a young age people are trained and equipped to become Guardian pilots, who protect the last of the human race. Characters in this anime fight for humanity’s right to evade extinction and for personal interests of their own. 

Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works

A secret magical tournament drags a high school student and amateur magus into the Fifth Holy Grail War in Unlimited Blade Works. Participants take the forms of reincarnated heroes from legendary history. The prize at the end of the tournament is the Holy Grail. The Holy Grail fulfills any wish or desire of the possessor. Seven Masters battle opponents with a servant by their side in hopes of securing victory over the magical chalice. Unknown motivations in teams puts players on edge of placing trust in their fellow comrades. The battle of wits, strength, and ability drive tournament contestants closer in reaching the key to satisfy their wishes. 


Pokémon takes the last spot in the list of best anime on Netflix right now. Particularly, the Indigo League series. This is the first Pokémon series with the original one hundred and fifty Pokémon. Ash Ketchum embarks on his journey to become the greatest Pokémon master and to catch them all. He begins his quest with a stubborn Pikachu who doesn’t easily offer friendship. However, the two become inseparable best friends. Together, they defeat gym leaders for badges and catch other Pokémon. Pokémon offers a classic, lovable tale of man and “man’s best friend” triumphing over enemies as they work towards their mission with one another. 

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