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Interview with Chris Pardal, Star of 'Corbin Nash'
a year ago
Chris Pardal, born in Bridgeport, Connecticut, first launched his career in the arts as a dancer, performing in nightclubs and various hip-hop groups. His talent for dance was quickly recognized, and ...
Interview with Craig Munro, Author of 'The Bones of the Past'
2 years ago
"Many fantasy tropes were slain and harmed in the making of this book." This is just one of the early accolades extended to author Craig A. Munro in anticipation of his debut novel The Bones of the Pa...
Interview With Jennifer Camper, Host of the Queers & Comics Convention
2 years ago
As is the case with many social movements globally and throughout history, art–and in this case comic art–is a key element of LGBTQ culture and one of the most effective mechanisms for social commenta...
'Fantastic Four' - Marvel's Biggest Missed Opportunity
2 years ago
Marvel Comics was built on the foundation of the Fantastic Four. It was pointed out that this franchise still has the potential to be successful by this review for 2005’s Fantastic Four, and it sums u...
Lorne Michaels' Original 'Saturday Night Live'
3 years ago
In late 1975 Rush Magazine, sent a reporter into Rockefeller Plaza to report on the then nascent sketch comedy show that would become the voice of counterculture for generations to come. 1975: Looking...
Bound for Glory's David Carradine Interview
3 years ago
Since his first major stage role in Royal Hunt of the Sun on Broadway in 1964, through his three year stint as star of the Kung Fu television series, his critically acclaimed portrayal of Woody Guthri...