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Pixar Theory: Who is Andy's Monster?

Could it be Sulley? Could it be Randall? Here's some mind-shattering evidence...

Ever since the release of Monsters, Inc., Pixar theorists have wondered who the monsters are of other children in the Pixar universe. Riley from Inside Out, Bonnie from Toy Story 3, and although there are theories for the monsters of those characters, this theory is about the monster of Andy from Toy Story.

This theory was created by Jonathan "J" Carlin of the SuperCarlinBrothers, an awesome YouTube channel dedicated to theories and commentary on Pixar, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and a bunch of things like that. I've been watching their stuff for two years, and I'll leave his video at the end of the article, so keep an eye out for that.

So, we know that the Pixar films all take place in the same universe, but there's even more evidence to prove that the monsters from Monsters, Inc. are traveling to the world of Toy Story to scare children. A Jessie doll appears in Boo's room.

However, we don't yet know if every kid in the human world has a monster. So, J decided that there was only one way to decide if Andy had a monster, and that was by finding his door in the monster world.

And we see what Andy's door looks like in the film:

We can see that the door is white with five rectangular panels. That's Andy's door, so J decided all we need to do is find a door in Monsters, Inc. that's both white and has five rectangular panels.

And apparently, that's not as easy as it seems. I mean, come on, how many doors are in Monsters, Inc.? A lot. And we're trying to find one specific door here.

But we're gonna also look at evidence from The Pixar Theory. As we know from that theory, the monsters don't live in an alternate universe. They live thousands of years into the future, and the doors serve as a time portal.

And since Monsters, Inc. came out in 2001, we're gonna assume that the monsters in this movie travel to the year 2001 to scare children. And given that Andy's door isn't in Monsters, Inc. here, we can assume that Andy's door was there earlier. So, the solution? Let's look earlier in the timeline.

Now, back in the day, you used to be able to go to, and you'd find a complete website for Monsters University, laid out like a real college website, and it almost convinced me to get an application.

And if you poked around on that site a little bit, you'd be able to find this video about some of the exciting opportunities that MU offers,

And at the 0:36 mark, you see this:

THAT is Andy's door. If you can't see it, here's a closer look:

This is a screencap from Monsters University, and this was in the college. Assuming that the monsters in Monsters, Inc. are keeping a timeline parallel to the old human timeline, the timing matches up.

If the timelines are parallel, Monsters University would be taking place in 1991 on our side of the equation, since it's ten years before Monsters, Inc. So, that door was on the campus in 1991, and it likely moved onto become a door in Monsters, Inc., and Andy wouldn't be too young or too old to have a monster then.

But that's just proving that Andy has a monster. The question we're asking is WHO is Andy's monster?

Let's go back to that picture of Andy's door:

This time, don't mind the door. Look at his wallpaper: blue with clouds on it. Remember that.

Now, right when the monsters are all warming up before scaring in Monsters, Inc., one of the backgrounds Randall is camouflaging to guessed it. Blue with clouds on it.


Not only that, but the timeline matches up. That white door was Andy's door only until 1995, because that's when he moved away. Randall likely moved on to become a scarer four years after Monsters University, in 1995.

Andy was likely one of Randall's first monsters, and it makes sense that he would warm up with the wallpaper of one of the kids he scared in the past. And now, your face probably looks like this:

And don't worry, the article is over, and again, this theory is from the SuperCarlinBrothers.

Pixar Theory: Who is Andy's Monster?

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Pixar Theory: Who is Andy's Monster?
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