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The Good, The Evil, and The Strange! Check Out These Insanely Awesome Marvel Action Figures!

With its large roster of characters, it's not too surprising that not all of them have made their big screen debut yet...

With its large roster of characters, it's not too surprising that not all of them have made their big screen debut yet. They're getting there, as Marvel has started planting their characters into the minds of fans for future endeavours. Case in point, Marvel Legends Action Figures. Each wave brings on approximately nine action figures, including big names like Iron Man and Thor, to little name characters like Valkyrie and Machine Man. Well another one has been released, and it's a doozie:

Avengers Marvel Legends Action Figures Wave 3 Case

Avengers Marvel Legends Action Figures Wave 3 Case:

  • Open all six super-articulated Hasbro action figures to collect and connect the latest Tony Stark creation in the form of the Hulkbuster! Includes Avengers movie figures alongside 6-inch scale classics from your favorite comics.
  • Open all the figures for variant hands and different heads for your very own Hulkbuster 6-inch scale action figure!
  • The biggest, baddest, and most Marvel-ous heroes on the planet are here! Avengers Marvel Legends Action Figures Wave 3 Case brings you 8 individually packaged 6-inch scale action figures spanning the right history of one of the biggest super hero organizations on the planet, including:

Order here

To paraphrase, you get 2 War Machines, a black and gold Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Vision, Blizzard, Valkyrie, and Thundra. Better yet, you take pieces from each box and assemble the best of them all: the Hulkbuster!

War Machine(s)

Accesories: 2 (each)

Articulate Joints: 11 (each)

Hulkbuster Piece: Head

Like I said before, we're welcomed with not one, but two War Machines. Each figure comes with a detachable, clip-in blaster, something of a signature weapon for him, and a replaceable head with an open mask, revealing Rhodey's face. His shoulder plates can be lifted, and just make the whole thing look cooler. The figure is incredibly sturdy, and doesn't feel too loose if you play with it.

And if we're being honest, it's probably a good thing there's two of him. Civil War looks like it's going to be fairly brutal to some people.


Accesories: 0

Articulate Joints: 14

Hulkbuster Piece(s): Chest and Back

Blizzard hasn't had much of a presence in the MCU up until now, but he has been a semi-recurring character on Agents of SHIELD. Although we've never seen him in his iconic suit on the show, Donnie Gill looks fly as hell here. You could say he looks cool. No? Oh okay. You people are cold. (☞゚∀゚)☞

Doctor Strange

Accesories: 2

Articulate Joints: 14

Hulkbuster Piece: Leg

With Benedict Cumberbatch set to take on the role next November, it's no surprise Marvel is pushing out their strange merchandise. According to some people on the interwebs, Doctor Strange won't be wearing his awesome red cape in the movie, so this would be a great way to go costume-wise. The red sash isn't an exact fit, giving it a bit more of a flow-y feel to the figure. Along with the spectacular costume, he comes equipped with two green bolts, both of which clip around his wrist.


Accesories: 1

Articulate Joints: 11

Hulkbuster Piece: Arm

Rumoured to make her first appearance outside of the comics in 2017's Thor: Ragnarok, now seems like the perfect time to start generating some Valkyrie hype. Equipped with a sword and some lethal braids (they already feel iconic), this figure is the embodiment of fierce. She also comes with a semi-loose sash at her waist.


Accesories: 1

Articulate Joints: 14

Hulkbuster Piece: Arm

I've never had much experience with Thundra besides seeing her in the original Secret Wars (fantastic event, you should read it). Her face is in a perpetual state of anger, which makes the stationary, sturdy, plastic chain feel more threatening than it should. Of course, it can be detached, but it's more fun if she can knock a toy down with a simple turn.

Iron Man

Accesories: 0

Articulate Joints: 11

Hulkbuster Piece: Leg

Being completely honest, I was a little bit disappointed with this figure. I expected more from Iron Man. Generally, it looked very basic, but the cons were outweighed by the positives. First of all, it's black and gold! I've been waiting to see the black and gold suit jump out of the comics since Marvel NOW! began, and it finally happened. On top of that, the figure is sturdy (like War Machine) and has an open hand. It may seem small, but when he's flying around and blasting down (imaginary) enemies, you don't want a closed fist. You just don't.

The Vision

Accesories: 1

Articulate Joints: 15

Hulkbuster Piece: Torso

Man, oh man, wher the hell do I begin here?! Let me start off by saying Vision is one of my favourite Marvel characters, second only to Scarlet Witch. When I saw this online, I was not excited in the slightest. Ugly shades of green giving off a cheap tin foil vibe mixed with an equally tacky shade of yellow? Count me out. But then it arrived. And I felt very different. The green looks amazing in real life. It makes you believe this is a synthetic being. The face is beautifully sculpted and detailed. But while it looks great and all, nothing and I mean nothing can compare to just how damn playable it is. The cape is perfectly made to look like it's flowing, but not so flowy that it looks out of place, and hand is clenched while one is outstretched, as if he's shooting energy somewhere. A simple bend of the leg will give you a better pose of Vision than we ever saw in Age of Ultron (where he was also amazing). Definitely my favourite in this set.

The Hulkbuster

The Vision is my favourite character in this wave, but the Hulkbuster comes in a close second. The whole thing oozes with detail, from the perfect colours to etches and bolts sculpted in at the perfect places. The whole figure is amazingly articulate, something I didn't expect for such a big figure. Two huge plus points: it's parts are locked in tight enough that they don't come loose if you throw it around, but not tight enough that you can't disconnect them if necessary. Point two, the feet are pretty heavy and spread themselves out so you can put the figure in almost any position and it'll stay standing right side up. The normal figure stands at about 6 inches tall, so the Hulkbuster stands at a colossal 9 inches. Not too shabby, eh?


This item qualifies for free shipping at EE, and is only $159.99! That may seem like a lot at first glance, but think about it: 8 action figures and one huge figure with an immense amount of detail for about $18 dollars each. Each figure is packed seperately in a big box in case you want to open some and not others, or plan to give them as gifts.

This is the link to order

Pair It With These!

The more, the merrier, right? So why not pair these amazing toys with more amazing toys? There's tons of different waves you can choose from, but here are my ~personal~ recommendations:

Avengers Marvel Legends Action Figures Wave 1 Case

Includes: Thor, Hawkeye(s), Iron Fist, Machine Man, Sentry, Odin, Captain Marvel, Scarlet Witch.

Quick food for thought, since Scarlet Witch and Vision are my favourite Marvel characters, it was a shit ton of fun playing with both of them. If you're in a similar boat with different characters, I suggest you go for it. You can check out my review for this wave here.

Avengers Marvel Legends Action Figures Wave 2 Case

Includes: Iron Man(s) Mark 43, Hulk(s), Captain America, Spider-Woman, Batroc the Leaper, Hellcat, Thanos.

All in-stock items' shipping is free when the order is over $79, and select pre-orders are also free. If the status shows "Temporarily Out of Stock", that just means the current shipment has been sold but a new shipment is planned--but don't wait until it's back in stock to order yours, as it's always possible the following shipment will sell out, too. Also, credit cards are only charged when the order is ready to ship, so no need to worry about that.

In case you've missed my subtle hyperlinking throughout the page, the link to order is here.

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The Good, The Evil, and The Strange! Check Out These Insanely Awesome Marvel Action Figures!
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