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'What Is This!?': Check out the New Alien in Ron Howard's Latest Pic from the Han Solo Set
a year ago
When it comes to franchises shrouded in secrecy, #StarWars is the shroud-iest. From Emilia Clarke admitting it's scarier to discuss Star Wars than Game of Thrones to the studio basically claiming "eve...
What You Need to Know About Bliss, the Newest Member of The Powerpuff Girls
a year ago
The City of Townsville has officially welcomed a new hero, and her name is Bliss. Cartoon Network announced earlier this month that a fourth member would be joining the Powerpuff Girls, and she made h...
Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder's Pregnancy Announcement Will Melt Your Heart
a year ago
The ridiculously gorgeous coupling of #NikkiReed and #IanSomerhalder have been the embodiment of relationship goals since their first PDA-packed appearance together in 2014. Fans of the couple now hav...
'It's the Mark of the Iron Fist': New Netflix Featurette Explains All You Need to Know About Danny Rand
a year ago
In the ever-expanding #Netflix corner of the #MCU that includes #Daredevil, #JessicaJones and #LukeCage, comes #Marvel's Iron Fist, the aptly-titled character whose fists reign supreme.
Tom Hardy and Ridley Scott Are Teaming up for a Navy Seal Netflix Film and We Cannot Be More Excited
a year ago
Just when we thought we couldn't love #Netflix any more than we already do, they go and give us another reason. The streaming service has announced it penned a stunning seven-figure deal for a movie p...
Netflix to Include Additional Trigger Warnings Ahead of '13 Reasons Why'
a year ago
Due to 13 Reasons Why's sensitive subject matter and graphic content, #Netflix's latest series has faced controversy ever since its release on March 31st. Based on the novel by Jay Asher, the series r...