Greg Seebregts

I'm a South African writer, blogger and English tutor; I've published 1 novel and am working on publishing a 2nd. I also write reviews on whatever interests me. I have a YouTube Channel as well where I review books, and manga and so on.

10 Best Web Series' on YouTube
6 days ago
YouTube is a massive platform with thousands of creators uploading videos or doing live broadcasts every week. There are tons of different channels to choose from—each with their own special flavors o...
Old School Anime Review - 'Angelic Layer'
9 days ago
It's been a while since I reviewed an anime, so I thought I'd do a new anime review... although, this time I was a bit more careful in selecting a title. The last review that I did—Gall Force: Eternal...
5 Underappreciated Musical Films
a month ago
Musicals have always been, and will likely always be, a popular genre of entertainment. It's not necessarily my favorite genre—particularly when it comes to film, but I can see the appeal. There's jus...
5 Under-Appreciated Cartoons
a month ago
Cartoons... we've all grown up with them in some way or another. Whether it's a newspaper comic strip, a good movie, or a memorable line; cartoons are a part of almost every kid's formative years. Of ...
5 Underappreciated Western Films
2 months ago
I've covered a lot of genres in the Underappreciated Films series and now we come to one of my absolute favorites: WESTERNS! My introduction to westerns was a film called Two Mules for Sister Sara wit...
10 Book Series That Need to Be Adapted to Television
3 months ago
I think we've all read that one book or series of books, and wondered where the film was. Now, I grew up reading the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew novels, as well as several others. As I got older and my ...