Reed Alexander

The world is one marvelous catastrophe waiting to happen. When humanity is long gone, I hope my work is found by intergalactic explores so they can learn about the great failed experiment called human society (a sort of "I told you so").

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'Bend or Break'
2 months ago
This is the first book I published. While I usually do horror, in this case it was more of a dark action thriller. It centers around an antihero who has learned the ability to bend reality. He has bee...
Reed Alexander's Review of "Popcorn (1991)."
a year ago
Yeah, this was a fun movie. It was DUMB. I mean D. U. M. B. It was hammy as all hell and just plain silly as fuck. But I was just recently talking about the movie "Leprechaun" with some friends, and a...
Reed Alexander's Review of 'Crimson Peak (2015)'
a year ago
It's a rare moment when I feel compelled to pay 10 bones for an actual movie ticket when I know I can just wait for it to come out on Netflix and watch it for the subscription fee along with dozens of...
Reed Alexander's Review of '+1' (2013)
a year ago
SPOILERS!!! You know it's going to be bad when I basically have to start off with the spoiler alert. So yeah, I am basically encouraging you to never watch this! If you feel like you absolutely must k...
Reed Alexander's Review of Monsters: The Dark Continent (2014)
a year ago
You know what?! When you tell me you're going to give me a movie where marines fight aliens, you had sure as FUCK better give me a movie where marines fight aliens. By the description, you would expec...
Reed Alexander's Review of 'X Moor' (2014)
a year ago
SPOILERS! The Beast of X Moor or… The Beast of Wasting My Fucking Time... Really? You're going to set me up for a creature feature flick, and fuck it up with The Scooby-Doo Effect before it even gets ...