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My Oscar Winners Would Man-up the Whole Affair
5 months ago
Ordinary People, Dances with Wolves, Forrest Gump—we've all sat with disappointment as the wrong picture ends up with Best Picture. It's not something that would easily be fixed by shaking up those wh...
The Screen Going Black Was 'The Sopranos' Only Option
6 months ago
I didn’t have HBO when The Soprano’s ended, but I certainly heard about the outcome. So I wasn’t that jarred by the screen going black and was pretty accepting of the climax. Now binge-watching the se...
Jordan Peele Makes Sure We Take the Cue in 'Get Out'
6 months ago
Black people finally got themselves in a horror movie as the center of attention. In 2017's Get Out, they match previous wits with their whiters in this mix of social commentary, comedy and suspense b...
Not So Smart as the Critics, I Still Love National Treasure
7 months ago
Call me stupid but I love National Treasure. So of course, I know the historically based action adventure has never been well received by the critics. But I haven't read the reviews until now, and fin...
MacGyver's Michael Des Barres – TV and Life's Rock 'N Roll Assassin
8 months ago
In 1967, Michael Des Barres first appeared on the scene next to Sidney Poitier in, To Sir, with Love. On stage, his role in The Dirtiest Show in Town got the attention of Andrew Lloyd Webber and led d...
Hey Cable TV, Stop Cutting the Credit Roll and Final Score!
10 months ago
I'm not one of these movie aficionados who must sit alone in the dark so I can see who the third best boy was in a production. But it drives me nuts when the cable company micro-boxes the credits and ...