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New Documentary Explores the 1967 Newark Riots and Racism in America
8 months ago
In 1967, the arrest and beating of an African-American taxi driver by a white cop sparked a riot that killed 26 people, caused millions in damage and led to a mass exodus from the beleaguered city of ...
Tate Donovan Switches TV/Film Gears for Broadway
8 months ago
Tate Donovan landed his first major film credit alongside John Cryer and Demi Moore in the 1984 comedy No Small Affair. He followed the introduction up with larger roles in Space Camp, Clean and Sober...
No Matter the Facts of Real Life Escape From Alcatraz - Clint Eastwood Does Just That In 1979 Film
8 months ago
Long before Tim Robbins (as Andy Dufresne) endured the injustice and indignity of Shawshank Prison and turned the tides on his duplicitous, righteous jailers, Clint Eastwood engineered his own real li...
Anatomy of a Murder Exhibits Stark Change in America’s Sociological Perspective
8 months ago
Anatomy of a Murder says a lot about how much things have changed in America since it was made in 1959 and makes for a very interesting study in the vast difference in sociological perspective. At the...
What Just Happened Amuses Without the Typical Hollywood Movie Excess
8 months ago
The front cover of the DVD case for What Just Happened declares, “laugh out loud funny.” Sorry, the 2009 Barry Levinson film starring Robert De Niro as a big wheel Hollywood movie producer does not li...
Long Island Lawyer Recreates Williamsburg Neighborhood in the Brooklyn Banker
8 months ago
Five years ago, Michael Ricigliano had an idea for a mob movie script, and decided he never wanted to lament what might have been. Taking care of his part from his basement as a Long Island lawyer, th...