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Marissa Mutascio Takes A Turn For Acting And Thrives
8 months ago
Got a wife and kids in Baltimore Jack/I went out for a ride and I never went back/Like a river that don't know where it's flowing/I took a wrong turn and I just kept going - Bruce Springsteen Marissa ...
Hedy Lamarr Forgotten as Female Inventor Who Brought Us WiFi Connection
8 months ago
If you can remember 1989 and When Harry Met Sally, Meg Ryan’s onscreen orgasm awakened such a force in America that our loins had us limping for a week. You remember, that would be from the pain endur...
My Favorite Year Celebrates Real Breaking Bad Behavior but How Can We Resist?
9 months ago
The classic 80s movie is based on Mel Brooks’ recollection of Errol Flynn’s appearance on Sid Caesar’s Your Show of Shows in the early 1950s. As a young writer, Brooks was tasked with reigning in the ...
John Wayne and World War II
9 months ago
No one was more a hero in World War II than John Wayne. At least that’s what the aliens would think when they viewed the historical footage documented in old Hollywood reels such as the Sands Of Iwo J...
Before Current Wonder Woman Movie, Lynda Carter Twirled a Generation in the Star Spangled Tights
9 months ago
The new Wonder Woman Movie upon us, we know Lynda Carter as the 1970s version, and the star spangled outfit likely resulted in its share of supernovas long before the Big Bang Theory cornered the mark...
'The Walking Dead' is More About Now and the Beginning of the World Than the End
9 months ago
Zombies ate my neighbors and are everywhere. So much so, that all I could think was "When will we be done with all this?" as The Walking Dead commercials ran incessantly. But I was told that it held g...