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Best and Worst 80s Action Movies
6 months ago
There was plenty of action in the 80s, and Hollywood was no stranger to getting in on the the freewheeling. Here’s the top five best and five worst action movies of the 1980s. Enjoy!
Brian Carney Has Made a Name for Himself and Remembers His Classic TV Show Father Art Carney
6 months ago
Like other kids’ fathers, Brian Carney’s dad left for work everyday from their Yonkers’ home in the 50s. On the other hand, the then elementary schooler soon noticed that his father’s Classic TV show ...
Bruno Sammartino: A Hero Long Before WWE Wrestling
6 months ago
Facing George “the animal” Steele, Gorilla Monsoon, Bobo Brazil or being the last one standing in the 22 Man Battle Royale in Los Angeles are pre WWE wrestling instances that all amount to just anothe...
Eye in the Sky Brings Drone Warfare Home
7 months ago
According to a 2015 report from The Intercept, nearly 90% of people killed by drone warfare were not the intended target. But Barack Obama’s cool made the cognitive dissonance so easy that his support...
Nightmare on Elm Street Documentary Screams for Recognition of Gay Rights Struggle
7 months ago
To Roman Chimienti, A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge thoroughly awoke his nascent horror movies undertone. So while the second installment slashed the shallow plot lines of the genre (and...
American Graffiti and the California Strip – What a Coming of Age Vision
7 months ago
When I first saw American Graffiti back in high school, it stood a very short generation removed from me in 1981 and seemed entirely plausible to its 1962 coming of age setting. But watching it last n...