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Singer, Writer, Filmmaker, Performer...Art is what gives me air

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'Infinity Gauntlet'—'Infinity War'
3 days ago
As we know the MCU’s Infinity War had little to nothing to do with the actual Infinity War comic. The cinematic story actually follows closer to Infinity Gauntlet and by closer I mean... There is an I...
'Captain Marvel' Review
13 days ago
I will start by saying that I did like the movie overall, all of its elements worked well together, and it was a technically cohesive movie that had a great rhythm and flow. Any problems I had with it...
Scarlet Witch
14 days ago
Although we have an idea of what the next phase of the Marvel Universe will entail, the details are a bit murky, especially when it comes to the new mini-series events coming to Disney’s streaming ser...
Tom Holland Is the Best Spider-Man
16 days ago
The best way I used to put this was; Toby Maguire was a good Peter Parker, but not a good Spider-Man. Andrew Garfield was a decent Spider-Man but an awful Peter Parker. Of course, Tom Holland is an in...
'Civil War'
19 days ago
The MCU has, of course, made many changes to the storylines adapted for the screen. The act of changing a story from one format to another can not be without challenges and of course changes, especial...
22 days ago
With the appearance of Venom, and the expansion of the Spider-verse, I think it’s appropriate we talk about the future of the character. Even though this part of the Spider-verse is separate from our ...