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'Spider-Man' Review
7 days ago
In the second chapter of the new Spider-Man franchise, Far From Home we see our precious Peter Parker travel to Europe with his classmates. When he leaves Queens, he tries to leave Spider-Man behind, but May makes sure his suit follows him. The main points of Far From Home were grief, and learning to stand on your own. At this point in time, Peter has just lost Tony, who by all accounts, was like his surrogate father. Stark took care of him, loved him, guided him, and taught him, and with him go...
Phoenix vs the Scarlet Witch
2 months ago
With Dark Phoenix coming out there has been a lot of discussion and debate over which overpowered hero is the strongest: Scarlet Witch or Dark Phoenix? Well, for the correct answer we shall once again...
'Endgame' Review
3 months ago
I think we can all agree that Endgame was not just the greatest Marvel film, but possibly one of the greatest films of all time. There were so many things that I love about this movie, so let’s get in...
'Endgame' Theories and Spoilers
3 months ago
Okay, so as Endgame approaches we are left to analyze possible spoilers, rumors, and trailers shot for shot. So today, I am going to spout out what I would like to see, what I would do from a writer’s...
The Legacy of Iron Man
3 months ago
The first character that brought us into the world of the MCU as we know it was Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man, and 10 years later, we couldn’t imagine anyone else bringing this character to life. He is...
The Future of James Buchanan Barnes
4 months ago
Oh, the love of my life, James Buchanan Barnes, there are so many directions for the MCU to take his character after the resolution of Endgame. He could (and should) be the one to take up the mantle o...