Alexandrea Sams

Singer, Writer, Filmmaker, Performer...Art is what gives me air

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Scarlet Witch vs. Captain Marvel
15 days ago
Kevin Feige called Captain Marvel “the most overpowered hero in the MCU.” Well, the only way that could possibly be the case is if he completely ignores the powers and abilities of Scarlet Witch and h...
Captain Marvel
15 days ago
I thought that before Captain Marvel is released we should talk about her powers, and what her role in the Marvel universe is. Carol Danvers was actually Ms. Marvel and didn’t take the mantle of Capta...
The Importance of Entertainment
2 months ago
Anyone who knows me knows that I am an extraordinary nerdy person, a fangirl and I am very proud of it. Only few know that being a nerd has saved my life on multiple occasions. It truly started my fre...
'The Princess Diaries'
6 months ago
In honor of The Princess Diaries gracing us with its presence on Netflix this month, I thought it would be a good time to reflect upon what made this movie so incredible in the first place. Things lik...
In Defense of Libraries
7 months ago
Lately I have seen a lot of articles on the fall of libraries, how they are about to go extinct if we don’t save them. We see libraries getting closed down, art programs getting cut, essentially we ar...
Why Scarlet Witch is the Most Badass Character in the MCU
8 months ago
This is a topic that has spurred many an argument amongst my nerd friends and I. I will fight for Scarlet Witch to the death and here’s why; the character is played by the beautiful and graceful Eliza...