Best geek movies throughout history.

Martin Scorsese's 'The Wolf of Wall Street'
Directed by Martin Scorsese, The Wolf of Wall Street hit theatres Christmas Day 2013. Based on the best-selling memoir of the same name, The Wolf of Wall Street is the second movie that year to portra...
Sean Patricka day ago
Movie Review: Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets
I cannot decide which is the more difficult type of review: positive without fawning, negative without being mean-spirited or ambivalent. The last type of review is where I find myself with the new mo...
Rob Trench2 days ago
Chill Out! Wintery Movies To Forget About the Summertime Blues
It's hard to imagine that summer is nearly halfway over, and in just a few more weeks we'll be into the blissful nature of autumn. This is the point in the year when the temperature can be too hot to ...
Mickell Ford2 days ago
Weekend Box Office
War for the Planet of the Apes takes the number one spot at the box office this weekend with a domestic gross of $56 million dollars and a worldwide gross of $102 million dollars, making it the most s...
Rob Trench3 days ago
A Look Back on George A. Romero's 'Day of the Dead' (1985)
The recent passing of horror legend George A. Romero has left a major hole in the hearts of many film fans. Without Night of the Living Dead, the zombie subgenre itself would not be what it is today—a...
Arina Jacor3 days ago
Mad Max: A Story About Sexists Told by Non-Sexists
I understand why it is so easy to call this movie a feminine masterpiece. Let's just look at few elements of the movie.
Jae Calcutt3 days ago
The Inescapable Imbalance
Spider-Man was a fun film. I mentioned in my review of it however that there is a flatness, a not-quite-there-ness about the whole affair. Wrapped in the hype of the Marvel Cinematic Universe I wonder...
'Frank' Review
Title: Frank MPAA Rating: R Director: Lenny Abrahamson Starring: Michael Fassbender, Domhnall Gleeson, Maggie Gyllenhaal Runtime: 1 hr 35 mins
Cara Anderson5 days ago
The Big Sick
I saw The Big Sick on Saturday after waiting for what seemed an extremely long time given I first started hearing about it in the spring. This leading man vehicle for Kumail Nanjiani was produced by J...
'God Help the Girl' Review
Title: God Help the Girl MPAA Rating: Unrated Director: Stuart Murdoch Starring: Emily Browning, Olly Alexander, Hannah Murray Runtime: 1 hr 51 mins
Courtney-Anne 6 days ago
A deaf writer who retreated into the woods to live a solitary life must fight for her life in silence when a masked killer appears in her window SPOILERS!!!!
'To The Bone' Movie Review
For starters, I am very grateful that this movie was made due to a lot of individuals suffering from various eating disorders who deserve to be represented in the community and cimema as well. This mo...
Rachel Lesch6 days ago
A Double Feature
Part of my preparation for Jasmine’s visit was picking out movies for us to watch while she was down here. The three I chose were the 1990 film adaptation of The Handmaid’s Tale, since we both watched...
Daniel Falconer8 days ago
Worst Superhero Movie Sequel Flops
Batman. Superman. Captain America. Thor. All of these household superhero names and more have lit up the big screen over the past few decades, raking in the big bucks in the box office and making a lo...
Bloodiest Horror Films of All Time
Horror movies are probably the most underrated genre in the movie industry. It's easy to write them off as campy or over the top, but there is plenty of artistry that goes into the genre. There is a m...
Sean Patrick8 days ago
The Big Sick is the Best Movie of 2017
The Big Sick broke my heart into a million little pieces and slowly pieced it back together throughout its gentle, sweet and very, very funny 120 minutes. Featuring an unconventional but brilliant lead performer, a radiant love interest and two of the best possible supporting players anyone could ask for, The Big Sick is, thus far, the best movie of 2017. Kumail Nanjiani stars in the mostly true story of his love story with real life wife Emily Gordon, who also co-wrote the screenplay for the fi...
Ella D8 days ago
5 Environmental Documentary Picks
After watching Leonardo DiCaprio’s Before the Flood, I embarked on a harrowing environmental documentary binge. In a humble attempt to promote these films and spread climate change awareness, I’ve com...
Sean Patrick9 days ago
Paul Verhoeven's RoboCop Turns 30
As RoboCop turns 30 years old this month it’s as good a time as any to look back on the career of director Paul Verhoeven and examine his unique oeuvre. Verhoeven’s career is marked by overreaching his talent. It is marked by attempting to deliver great, thoughtful work that comments on humanity via characters and storytelling and then settling for titillation of the lowest common denominator kind. To put it metaphorically, throughout Verhoeven’s career he’s become known for using a chainsaw whe...