Best geek movies throughout history.

Freddie fair8 hours ago
Film in Our Modern Day Society
Film throughout the decades has been constantly growing and developing as an art form. It has seen high's and low's but has generally increased for the better. More money has been put into it and has ...
Jonathan Sima day ago
'Fantastic Beasts' Theory: Did Newt Scamander Give Aragog to Hagrid?!
Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald is coming in just a few short months, and while we wait, I thought it would be fun to share you one of my favorite and most brilliant fan theories. This the...
Sean Patrick2 days ago
Ranking the Movies of 2018: Week 14
Those who follow this column closely will notice that Ready Player One has dropped on the list. The more I sit with Ready Player One, the more I don’t care for it. I had a reckoning with my feelings a...
'Love, Simon'
I am so proud of what this film accomplished. It was brave and, in moments, raw. It represented a variety of groups and struggles within the gay community, in much the same way Black Panther did for A...
Jonathan Sim6 days ago
'Incredibles 2' Official Trailer Breakdown!
The trailer for Incredibles 2 has just come out. And I know I JUST did a trailer breakdown for Solo: A Star Wars Story, but I'm gonna need to do a breakdown for this trailer. So, the way this is gonna work is, I'm gonna go through the trailer frame-by-frame, and I'm gonna analyze some of the shots, make predictions, and give some information about the movie.
Sam Plank7 days ago
Remember That Time Bryan Singer Made That Movie Where Ian McKellen Played an Ex-Nazi Named Kurt?
No, I haven't been drinking. That much. And I promise I'm not confused and mixing up different movies! The movie I speak of is Apt Pupil, starring Ian McKellen as a Nazi war criminal, and Brad Renfro ...
James F. Ewart7 days ago
'Black Panther' Review
Picking up shortly after the events of Civil War, Black Panther is about T’Challa becoming king of the nation of Wakanda. This place has technology that’s far advanced than the rest of the world thank...
Joseph Pecher9 days ago
Stupid Things in "War for the Planet of the Apes" EVERYONE just ignored PART I
On July 14, 2017, War For the Planet of the Apes was released in theaters everywhere, earning over $490 million at the box office. The movie was a summer hit and was even nominated for an academy awar...
Sean Patrick10 days ago
Ranking the Movies of 2018: Week 13
Seemingly every year since the invention of internet-based film criticism and social media, a horror movie comes along and is met with praise befitting a game-changing work of art. Rarely is the movie...
Anna Flaherty11 days ago
'Queen of Hearts' Is Approaching
We are nearing summer time, which will soon be upon us. With that will bring the commencing of Queen of Hearts's production. We will return again to Snoqualmie, Washington to discover the fate of Anni...
Tim Horton11 days ago
Oops! Five of the Funniest Background Blunders Found in Iconic Movie Scenes
If you are anything like me and love a good movie binge, then you may also be someone that loves a good spot of movie trivia—like, did you know that in Jaws, when Police Chief Brody (Roy Scheider) see...
Morgan Veysey12 days ago
My Top Favorite Movies
It's a Saturday night and I'm sitting alone, in my dorm, racking my head on what to do with my life. Why not watch a movie? There are a few movies I hold close to home, and they are:
Katie Burnside13 days ago
Could We Still Get A 'Watchmen' Sequel After All These Years?
Watchmen was a fresh take on the superhero genre with its release back in 2009, praised for its unique approach to the genre. Being a significantly lesser known comic, the film was a surprise hit amon...
Jonathan Sim13 days ago
Top 10 Best Moments in 'Back to the Future'!
Out of all the film trilogies I've watched, the Back to the Future trilogy will always be my favorite. And there are scenes in this series that are just so iconic that I decided to tell you my top ten...
Anezka Smidlova13 days ago
7 Heartwarming Movies to Watch When You're Feeling Down
Does it happen to you sometimes, that you are just fed up with everything going on in the world around you? You are not alone. I know there are times when it is so easy to start losing faith in humani...
David Fox15 days ago
Oscar Winning Actor Teases Bond Return – On One Condition!
It was quite a coup for Eon Productions, the people behind the ever popular James Bond franchise, to snag Oscar winner Christoph Waltz as the villain for last year's Spectre. Though the Austrian actor...
David Fox15 days ago
'The Revenant': Brutal. Beautiful. Brilliant.
Mexican director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu is on a roll right now. After nabbing three well deserved Oscars for the funny, complex, beautifully shot Birdman, he returns with The Revenant - an epic w...
David Fox15 days ago
The Boosh Is Back: Noel Fielding Hints at Possible Return for 'The Mighty Boosh'
The Mighty Boosh, the comic creation of longtime friends Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt, has a cult following and has appeared in various formats; a live show, a radio show and perhaps most famously...