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Hannah Burton6 days ago
10 Movie Throwbacks on Hulu
You not have seen most of these, but they are all very great shows. Enjoy.
Hannah Burton8 days ago
5 Books You Need to Read
And they won't bore you to death.
Violet Darwin11 days ago
20 Films Every Teen Will Love
The perfect check list for your hot chocolate and chill weekend in.
Bill Shaffir11 days ago
Anime That Should Get Live-Action Movies
Anime, at it's most simple, is a form of hand-drawn or computer animation. And, outside of Japan, anime is used to refer specifically to animation from Japan, or Japanese-disseminated animation style ...
Hannah Burton11 days ago
Cutest Anime Couples
I am not going to talk about any of the couples in the picture above, because I know none of them, but it was a cool collage of anime couples. But here are some of the best anime couples that we both ...
Chloe Gilholy12 days ago
Top Picks from Pokévault
Pokévault is one of the biggest stores for second-hand merchandise from Japan. It's got one of the best reputations and all products sold can be guaranteed to have 100% top quality. With over hundreds...
Chloe Gilholy13 days ago
Important Girl x Girl Couples
However you prefer to refer to your girl/girl ships, whether you use yuri, shoujo-ai, or femmeslash, the lesbianism is proven to be just as strong and relevant as its other romantic counterparts, bein...
Dennis Begley13 days ago
Top Ten Coming of Age Novels of All-Time
Coming of age novels have been around since the dawn of time but there are some that truly stick out to us and are the pinnacle of the coming of age genre. I've decided to make a top ten list of what ...
Karen Kay14 days ago
Opening this Year on Broadway!
Since the 2017 Tony awards aired in June, we have been looking forward to what this new season of broadway musicals and plays will bring. Here are some of the most anticipated (in my book)!
Julia Risitano14 days ago
5 Christian Films Worth Seeing
I recently wrote a review of Christian films that featured a harsh critique from an honest perspective. While I meant what I said, I also realize that there are a few Christian films that have been a ...
Hannah Burton15 days ago
15 Best Anime on Funimation
Here are some great animes to binge watch.
Marvel Supervillains Alphabet
As you might know, the Marvel universe is one that I definitely love to explore — most often via comic books and old school 90s cartoons. We all know the superheroes in Marvel comics, as well as most ...
Hannah Burton21 days ago
10 Best Anime on Netflix
This is a list of the ten best anime shows on Netflix.
Rich Monetti22 days ago
Ranking the Relative Evil of 'Pulp Fiction' Characters
Pulp Fiction isn’t necessarily strong on a central plot that ties the story together. It can almost be described as a movie about nothing — except with some serious degenerates. I prefer, a day in the...
Riley Reesea month ago
Best Netflix Shows for Families
Netflix and chill might be a euphemism for a hookup date, but the truth is that this online streaming platform has a little something for everyone. In fact, it's not that unusual for families to watch...
D.A. Baldwina month ago
5 Things I Love and 5 Things I Hate About: 'Dragon Ball'
Dragon Ball is one of those things that I feel a lot of 90's kids like me grew up with, or at the very least, were aware of, like Pokémon, Digimon, and Sailor Moon. It came to the U.S. around the same...
Liliana Lanaja month ago
Nine Novels Featuring People of Color
As a woman of color with a love of world culture, I'm always looking for a needle in a hay stack when I go in to a library or bookstore. First of all, I have managed to read only one novel based in my...