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Greg Seebregts6 days ago
5 Under-Appreciated Cartoons
Cartoons... we've all grown up with them in some way or another. Whether it's a newspaper comic strip, a good movie, or a memorable line; cartoons are a part of almost every kid's formative years. Of ...
Nancy D10 days ago
You Didn't Skip the Credits After Watching 'Tuca and Bertie', Did you?
There is an extra and unique clip after the credits for every single episode of Netflix's Original 'Tuca and Bertie'. Since the shows will only ever be on Netflix... these gems are easy to miss. Once ...
Hannah Elliott10 days ago
'Criminal Minds' Worst Episodes
Criminal Minds is a great show, as we can all agree, I am sure. But every season, though there are many great episodes, there is always one that just doesn't meet the mark. It just doesn't capture our...
Craig House18 days ago
The Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One Films Ranked
The MCU is an absolute behemoth of comic book superhero storytelling. Starting in 2008 with Iron Man, the film series consists of 22 films and has collected over $21 billion at the box office. Split into three "phases," the three different sections document the beginning, middle, and end of what has colloquially become known as the "Infinity Saga." So taking a look at Phase One, which films hold up? Which ones are still a great watch? And which ones feel out of place in the current cinematic uni...
Michele S.20 days ago
Beach Reads of the Summer
Summer is the time where you'll start on that hourly job to stay productive and earn ching-ching. Though, that first job is a distant memory that we often remember. In a few days, you’ll toss on a pai...
Neil Gregory25 days ago
2019 Movie Preview—Part One
Here we are at the end of May and we have most likely had the biggest film of the year with Avengers: Endgame. At the time of this article, it had taken $2.7 billion worldwide, rapidly closing in on A...
The Sessaa month ago
My Top 5 Favorite Godzilla Movies
My fondest memories as a kid were of me going to Blockbuster every Friday with my mom to rent three movies that I would watch each day during the weekend. Out of these three movies, I would always mak...
The Sessaa month ago
Top 5 Godzilla Movies that Should Be Remade in the Monsterverse
Godzilla: King of the Monsters is right around the corner, and I absolutely cannot wait for it. After that, the next installment in the Monsterverse, Godzilla vs. Kong, will be a remake of the 1962 cl...
Maddie Goodya month ago
4 Cartoons You Should Rewatch as an Adult
I think we all had cartoons we really loved when we were little. And by we, I mean the we who watched cartoons in the mid-2000s to the early 2010s. In my (albeit early) adulthood, I have been rewatchi...
Maddie Goodya month ago
5 More Things on Netflix to Watch Drunk (Pt. 2)
If you want to read my original article, click here. If you're here for more because you've watched everything from my original list and need more things to watch drunk, then you've come to the right ...
Laura Hollidaya month ago
The 3 Worst Endings in TV History
Well, the verdict is in. Game of Thrones has dug its own grave. After years of brilliant character development, complex plotlines, and stunning CGI, the show's writers have destroyed any last bit of h...
Annie Kapura month ago
In My Opinion: The Best American Actors
I've already done an article on the Best British Actors of today, and you can read it here. I have a pretty good idea of who I want to put on the list of Americans now as well. I've always known that ...
Paige Graffundera month ago
The Dissenter's Guide to Disrupting the Future
We all know the quintessential reading list, we see it a lot. It features 1984 and Brave New World, Fahrenheit 451, and the like. And while we all should probably read those books, the writing style i...
Meghan McKennaa month ago
10 Fantasy Writing Lessons We Can Learn from 'Game of Thrones'
Game of Thrones is HBO's most watched show, and it has only become more and more popular over the years. Based on the series of books by George R.R. Martin, titled A Song of Ice and Fire, the very las...
Indie Films Deea month ago
Indie Films Coming to Netflix This Week (May 16-23)
Every week I will list the indie films that are getting added to Netflix over the next seven days, so you indie fans are up-to-date, and ready for them! Here are the indie films that are hitting Netfl...
Tasha Deana month ago
Creative Video Ideas
YouTube has over a billion users worldwide (YES over a billion!), and it seems in today's society everyone wants to create a YouTube channel, but everyone has a distinct mindset of why they need a cha...
Top 10 Saddest Films
If you are ever in need of a good cry, this list of movies should do the trick. P.S. Spoiler alert!
G Ma month ago
My Top 5 Netflix Dramas
Okay, so this list is obviously based on my personal preference, but it's no coincidence that they are also among the top rated on Netflix! Hope you guys enjoy!