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Sean Patricka month ago
Ranking the Movies of 2018: Week 2
It’s week two of my ranking the movies of 2018 and so far, not much has stood out in terms of themes. I have seen 13 movies so far in 2018 with three classics, only one that wasn’t a disappointment, a...
Michele Hastingsa month ago
Your Binge Playlist
Alright, so I'm not here to tell you what to watch, but I would love to share with you some great shows and movies that made me feel some type of way. 1. Supernatrual - Netflix and Hulu - Yes, it's a ...
Sean Patricka month ago
Ranking the Movies of 2018
In what I can only assume is some fit of temporary insanity that will eventually break and leave me having forgotten that I ever conceived of such a notion, I’ve decided to keep a ranking of every mov...
Jamie Daviesa month ago
10 Movie Sequels That Never Happened
We have seen many successful movies since the film industry was born and when we watch a movie at the cinemas, or at home, we sometimes want more from the franchise. Many have seen filmmakers bring ou...
Conor Huftona month ago
Poor Fairy Tales With Valid Messages
A lot of fairy tales are obscure for a reason, and in the cases of these mentioned below, the obscurity is probably something to do with how poorly they executed otherwise genuine messages.
Karina Thyraa month ago
My 2015 Quick-Fire Challenge!
It's already 2016 in my side of the world (at the time of writing), so first I'd like to wish you a Happy, healthy and prosperous New Year! I was nominated by Ashraf Sidd to do this challenge! And any...
Karina Thyraa month ago
From Prof. Mcgonagall to Ms. Honey: 5 of the Best TV/Movie Teachers Ever!
A teacher's job is hard. Sometimes, I often wonder why they even chose that profession... Imagine, noisy, naughty children that you have to deal with every single day, and no matter how much you try t...
Karina Thyraa month ago
9 Times Famous Cats Reminded Us Who's Boss
There was a time when the internet wasn't so obsessed with cats and cat jokes. One day we just woke up and saw that the internet was breaking their necks over funny cat videos. Cats are sometimes 'sne...
Matt Loftus3 months ago
6 Inspirational Movies to Inspire Your Own New Year's Resolution
Well, it's the start of a new year and with it comes the realization you've got to start actually working on your New Years Resolutions. You've probably made at least one, whether it's to exercise, st...
Matt Loftus3 months ago
7 Must-See Movies If You've Ever Worked in Retail
Chances are that you (yes, I'm talking to YOU, reading this article) have, at some point in your life, worked in the customer service industry known the world over as "retail". It comes in many forms ...
Tom Chapman3 months ago
Gorillas In The Mist: 6 Films To Watch After 'Kong: Skull Island'
While the story of a curious man battling a giant ape has been told some eight times since King Kong's inception in 1933, Warner Bros.'s Kong: Skull Island once again presses the reset button on cinem...
Tom Chapman3 months ago
It's Anything But Child's Play: 20 Of The Best Animated Movies Of All Time
While your parents may have told you to stop watching cartoons, for some of us, the child inside never dies. Nothing beats a hungover Netflix binge of animated films to remind you that there is good i...
RoAnna Sylver3 months ago
Laugh Until It Hurts: A Guide To 15 Dark Comedies To Brighten Up Your Winter
It's official. Halloween is over, and everybody's gearing up for the next big yearly bashes (or hurdles, depending on your levels of stress, cynicism, and holiday spirit). We have Bad Santa 2 on the h...
Tisha Eaton3 months ago
10 Heartwarming Disney Friendships That Will Make You Smile!
We all have a best friend, whether it is someone we have known our whole lives, or someone that we have only known for a little while. They are the person we go to when we need them the most, and they...
Tom Chapman3 months ago
Top Of The Flops: 2016's Biggest Box Office Blunders!
Continuing the misery and woe of 2016, let's look at the biggest commercial failure films of the year to cheer ourselves up this festive season. While the likes of #CivilWar and #BatmanvSuperman flew ...
Cronan Parry3 months ago
DCEU Films: Worst to Best
There have been four films leading up to Justice League, and they've caused quite a stir from fans and critics alike. I'll let you know now so you can opt out of this early. I'm not much of a fan of t...
Tiago Souza3 months ago
Must Watch Medieval and Roman Era Themed T.V. Series
There is a lot of interest for the medieval and historical periods. I myself am fascinated with it and do my best to learn what I can about it. That's how I came across all the amazing series you will...