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One Fangirl’s Exploration into David Lynch’s Recurring Motifs

L.A Banks
in Entertainment

I thought I was well prepared for the latest series of Twin Peaks. My my, how wrong I was. From demons bursting out of eerie glass boxes to decapitated victims, David Lynch’s latest offering packed a ...

10 Movies & TV Shows To Watch Along With The Return Of 'Twin Peaks'

Eric Hillis
in Culture

Back in the early '90s there was a chewing gum we liked. On May 22nd it's set to come back in style as Twin Peaks returns to living rooms for its belated third season. If you're new to David Lynch and...

Scariest Moments In Nintendo Games

Anthony Gramuglia
in Entertainment

People have this weird desire to take pleasant, happy memories, and twist them into some of the scariest moments of our lives. Nintendo has a close spot in many gamers' hearts. Maybe the NES was your ...

Worst Cartoons That Ever Aired

Riley Reese
in Entertainment

Some cartoons are basically like childhood friends - you treasure them, you remember all the funny moments they brought to your life, and you know them inside and out. They are pop icons that somehow ...

The Stop-Motion Nightmares of Director Rob Morgan

Mickey Rivera
in Entertainment

Rob Morgan might be an under appreciated genius when it comes to horror and stop-motion. Sicker than Tim Burton, more juvenile than The Brothers Quay, Morgan stands apart as a director who, first and ...

Film Quotes to Fall In Love With Before Actually Dating Someone

Marina Caitlin Watts
in Entertainment

Here are some bittersweet quotes from movies everyone should see if you ever caught *the feels*

Most Hated Fictional Characters Ever

Anthony Gramuglia
in Entertainment

When it comes to fictional characters, a lot characters are beloved. There's a sense of familiarity that comes with cool characters. They're the sort of people we get the hang of being around. Like ol...

The Movies That Keep Horror Alive

Ninfa Bi
in Entertainment

Every so often it is said that horror films are finished as a genre, but that is not true. Fortunately there are always artists who make good movies in this genre, that has millions of fans around the...

The 'Harry Potter' Effect: A Lifetime of Inspiration from the Unforgettable Wizarding World

Rebecca Sharrock
in Entertainment

As a child I had a lot of difficulty with socialising (one of my diagnoses is autism) and would dread recess breaks at school. I had trouble fitting in with my peers and my favourite books to read were atlases. Yet in Fourth Grade (aged 9) I had a very kind teacher who was saddened to see a child sitting alone and depressed. Mum was doing voluntary work at the school, and my teacher met up with her (without me present) and talked about a new book series that she had recently come across. She exp...

Pop Culture Guy Episode 25: Top 10 Film Moments of 2016

Daniel Brizuela
in Entertainment

The 25th episode of the Pop Culture Guy YouTube web series, in which we list the Top Ten Favorite Moments from the Films of 2016. More honorable mentions here than in the video as well as why each is so memorable. You can find the written blogger page here. The final minutes of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - One of the best action sequences ever put in any recent film and Darth Vader's scene truly is terrifying and awesome. Quicksilver's mansion save from X-Men: Apocalypse - Better than the slow...

'Steven Universe' Fan Theories That Might Actually Be True

Ossiana Tepfenhart
in Entertainment

If there has been one recent cartoon that has gotten major applause for creating rich storylines filled with lore, it has to be Steven Universe. Through its incredible four seasons, the show has slowl...

Best 'Twin Peaks' Funko Pop! Figures

George Gott
in Buyer's Guide

Often ranked as one of the greatest television dramas ever made, Showtime’s revival of 1990s David Lynch and Mark Frost's series Twin Peaks is set to premiere on May 21st. Most of your favorite actors...

How to Become a Film Director

Adrian Pedrin
in Humor

How to become a Film Director So you want to become a film director? Here are a top 12 things you HAVE to do to become a Film Director. Tell everyone you know and meet that you are a film director, it...

Kevin Spacey’s Top Five Performances

Stephen Hamilton
in Entertainment

Two-time Academy Award winner Kevin Spacey also boasts a Golden Globe, two consecutive Screen Actors Guild Awards and several Emmy nominations for a career that has spanned decades of critically-accla...

Best 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2' Funko Pop! Figures

George Gott
in Buyer's Guide

Set to the backdrop of the 'Awesome Mixtape #2', Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 continues the team's wild adventures as they traverse the outer reaches of the cosmos. The Guardians must fight...

7 of My Favorite Worst Movie Quotes from Popular Films

Matt Cates
in Entertainment

We expect terrible dialogue in terrible movies, but sometimes we get caught off guard by really bad lines in otherwise good--or even great--flicks. And then there are times when the lines are bad and ...