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Tom Bacona day ago
Want More Of Captain America & The Avengers? These Are The Comics To Follow!
Captain America: Civil War has already proven to be a hit, and looks set to be one of Marvel's best-performing movies. But what about if you want to go back to the originals, and follow the comics? He...
Tom Bacona day ago
5 Comic Book Deaths - A (Glorious?) Tradition In Superhero Comics And Films
The hype for Captain America: Civil War couldn't be more intense, with rumors building that somebody dies. But as we all know, death for superheroes is something very, very different. Here, I want to ...
Tyler Callaway2 days ago
Why Harley Quinn Has to Be in 'Suicide Squad 2': Five Stories We Hope for
The Suicide Squad train came and went, and while for many people the film didn't live up to the hype, it has still made a significant amount of money for Warner Bros. with $640.1 million dollars befor...
Jacob Elyachar2 days ago
Milestones & Debuts Are Highlighted in DC Comics' February 2018 Solicitations
Tired of thinking about conversation starters to use on Thanksgiving? DC Comics just released it's February 2018 solicitations! GEEKS has its take on the hottest books that are worthy of Cupid’s flami...
Max Farrow2 days ago
Still Fuming Over Hydra-Cap? Then Check Out the Seven Silliest, and Most Shocking Spider-Man Stories
Steve Rogers has somehow been a sleeper agent for the villainous Hydra since he was a child? Nick Spencer, the current writer of the comic book Captain America: Steve Rogers, has certainly courted con...
Max Farrow2 days ago
10 Comic Book Series That Broke The Superhero Mold: Part II
Following on from Part I, to celebrate the release of Captain America: Civil War, which is due in hardly any time at all now (!) I've collected a group of comic books (in no particular or definitive o...
Max Farrow2 days ago
10 Comic Book Series That Broke the Superhero Mold: Part I
When you stop and think about it, 2016 really is a year where superheroes, in their movies at least, are fighting amongst themselves. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is already doing the rounds, an...
Tom Chapman2 days ago
Balls To The Wall: Everything We Know About Amanda Waller In 'Suicide Squad'!
Dubbed as 'The Expendables' of comic books, hype is high for Zack Snyder's upcoming Suicide Squad outing. As Margot Robbie, Will Smith and Jai Courtney prepare to contend with Ben Affleck and Jared Le...
Tyler Callaway2 days ago
Marvel Vs. DC: Exposing the Fan War Myth
There have been many wars in the world of comic books, but none is more fierce than the war that has raged on between rival comic book companies Marvel and DC. The business rivalry has spawned a war b...
Saket Iswara2 days ago
Defenders Issue 1-5
With the news that Brian Michael Bendis would be moving from Marvel Comics to DC Comics, I decided I would describe the plot of my favorite series of his. The current run of Defenders will be passed t...
Tom Bacon3 days ago
Should Superhero Films Better Reflect the Comics?
As a comic book fan, I freely confess that there are few joys greater than seeing my childhood heroes translated on to the big screen. Whether it be the latest incarnation of the Dark Knight, the thri...
Paul Zuniga3 days ago
Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Winter Finale: Director Jeffrey Mace Suits up for First Time
Agents Of SHIELD Tonight's episode of Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. concluded the first half of Season 4 with a winter finale that'll remain on fans' minds for quite some time. Between all the easter eggs an...
Paul Zuniga3 days ago
'The Flash': Who Will Save Barry Allen from Savitar?
After last week's episode of The Flash briefly introduced Savitar to the Flash/Arrowverse, fans have been trying to figure out the true identity of Savitar since his origin on The Flash doesn't match up with his comic-book counterpart. That's not to say Savitar doesn't share similarities with his comic-book counterpart, the version of Savitar on The Flash could wind up being loyal to his comic-book counterpart once his identity is fully discovered. However, Savitar's identity might be a bit diff...
Tom Bacon4 days ago
Beyond Apocalypse: Who Will Be The Next X-Men Villain?
X-Men: Apocalypse isn't even out yet, but showrunner Bryan Singer is thinking about what happens next. Although he's told Empire Magazine that he wants to take a brief break, when they asked who he wa...
Tom Bacon4 days ago
10 Facts You Might Not Know About The X-Men's Apocalypse
He's the main villain of X-Men: Apocalypse, a force of nature who risks bringing devastation to the planet. With a new trailer up, it's now time to reveal some of #Apocalypse's greatest secrets.
Tom Bacon4 days ago
On Comic Book Classics: Uncanny X-Men #303
Here’s a truth that every comic book reader knows, and that the rest of the world is only beginning to wake up to: comics have power. Like any art form, a good comic tugs on the heartstrings, transpor...
Tom Bacon4 days ago
Captain America: Civil War - the Spider-Gwen Coincidence!
Let's face it, there's one thing that's got the internet buzzing right now: the new trailer for #CaptainAmericaCivilWar, featuring none other than your Friendly Neighbourhood #SpiderMan!
Tom Bacon5 days ago
10 Facts You Might Not Know About 'X-Men: Apocalypse's Nightcrawler!
When the X-Men franchise was rebooted in X-Men: Days Of Future Past, it gave Fox the chance to revisit some of their greatest successes. So in X-Men: Apocalypse we're going to see Nightcrawler once ag...