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My Thoughts About Jason David Frank
With his loyal fans on social media supporting him all the way, Power Rangers star Jason David Frank has a fanbase who's always on his side and devoted to him. Growing up, I loved his character, Tommy...
Jordon Dumenil11 days ago
Top 10 Actors to Play the New Joker
The Joker is an extremely complex character and takes a high level of acting to play accurately, and with Martin Scorceses' upcoming film, the question being asked is who is next to take the throne as...
Fan-Casting... Matt Reeves’ Batman Trilogy
So it’s that time of the decade again! A new director, a new direction, a new Batman. Or as we’re meant to believe, at least. The rumours have been doing the rounds for almost a year now that The DCEU...
Jordon Dumenil23 days ago
How a 1950s Justice League Movie Would Look
The 1950s had some great talent that is respected and honored to this day. With such talent, one might wonder how these actors could have fared in modern-day roles and movies. Here is a list of some 1...
EmmaLeigh Riveraa month ago
10 TV/Movie Stars that Have Starred on Broadway
Here is a list of some film and television stars that may surprise you that they have starred on the Great White Way.
Jacob Craiga month ago
King of the Green: 10 Actors Who Could Star in 'Swamp Thing'
DC Comics is launching an online streaming service in order to air their own exclusive content, and they have recently announced that a live-action Swamp Thing show will be a part of the line-up. Swam...
Katana Haleya month ago
10 Times Celebrities Hated Their Biopics
Some will never agree with the way they are portrayed in a film and will go to any extent to prove their anger. In some cases, it's difficult for the actor to conform to their character's morality and behavior. More often than not, the telling of a life story on film only spawns more stories. It's easy to watch a biopic and assume that it's historically accurate. It's even easier to think the people portrayed in the biopic get along with the actors who played them and vice versa. When it comes t...
Jacob Craiga month ago
The Main Man's Movie: 10 Actors Who Could Play Lobo in the DCEU
News has broke that the fan favorite intergalactic mercenary Lobo is set to have his own solo movie directed by Michael Bay, and loyal followers of the DC Universe couldn't be more ecstatic. Lobo isn'...
Rich Monettia month ago
MacGyver's Michael Des Barres – TV and Life's Rock 'N Roll Assassin
In 1967, Michael Des Barres first appeared on the scene next to Sidney Poitier in, To Sir, with Love. On stage, his role in The Dirtiest Show in Town got the attention of Andrew Lloyd Webber and led d...
Jennifer Rosea month ago
How NOT to Stalk Your Favorite Actors
According to Kant’s “categorical imperative,” when making a decision, consequences are the most important part of making a decision. So, if someone wants to break the law, it’s okay as long as no one ...
Sarah Graya month ago
My Idols Through a Lens
The first celebrity I ever saw in person, with my own two eyes, was Kate Winslet. I stood on a grassy hill, outside the Ryerson Theatre in Toronto, craning my neck to see her get out of the limousine....
Suzanne Rothberga month ago
Nicolas Cage Will Star in 'Kill Chain'
2018 is turning out to be an extremely busy year for Nicolas Cage. Several of his films are being auctioned off to the highest bidder at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival. The festival runs May 8-19. And ...
EmmaLeigh Rivera2 months ago
10 Movie Stars Who Started in Television
From the Living Room to the Cinema
Deniz Gultekin2 months ago
Can Sarah Silverman Please Just Shut Up?
Sarah Silverman, in terms of horrible comedians who are just famous for their bodies, she's high on the list next to Amy Schumer, and well, they're pretty easy to forget. A little update on Silverman ...
Janelle Ouellet2 months ago
Why I'm Glad I Never Made It to Hollywood
When I was a little girl, I always wanted to be famous. Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe were my heroes. I loved the glitz and the glamor of it all. When I would sit down to watch the Academy Awards ...
Ossiana Tepfenhart3 months ago
Real Stories of People Who Died While Filming
It's hard to believe, but television is almost 100 years old. The first TV was invented in 1928, and since then, we have had thousands of television shows grace the small screen. TV has played a massi...
David Fox3 months ago
Right Actor, Wrong Year: Does Leo DiCaprio Deserve to Win?
Ahead of the Oscars on Sunday night, everyone is expecting Leonardo DiCaprio to end his long running, much-commented-on Oscar drought. He's nominated in the Best Actor category for his role as frontie...
David Fox3 months ago
The Late Bloomers: 7 Inspiring Creatives Who Prove It's Never Too Late!
Christmas is over, the new year is approaching, and it's only natural to reflect on the year we've just been through and the new one that's coming around the corner. Most of us, whether we admit it or...