Let your cosplay run wild.

Noctis 50514 days ago
Why I Cosplay
"Why do you cosplay?" “Do you cosplay because you’re afraid to be yourself? These are two of the many questions I have received from various people in my life who don’t quite understand what it is to ...
Noctis 505a month ago
How to Approach a Cosplayer
I am generally a happy, go-lucky individual who absolutely adores and appreciates the loving support of my fans and nerds on Instagram, on TikTok, and in public at various conventions. The reason you ...
Erika Farrah2 months ago
Being Single in Cosplay
When people look at me, they see a lot of different things. One of which is that I am is a nerd, and I express that through my love of comic cons, as well as by going to them in cosplay. Unfortunately...
Shibui Cosplay2 months ago
Why Anime Is a Big Part of My Life
My name is Kisevi. No, that's not my real name, although my artistic pseudonym says a lot about who I am and how I perceive art. It is the space that allows me to present my second self and feel truly...
Taylor The Wolf2 months ago
How I've Matured in the Furry Fandom
I've always enjoyed mascots ever since I was a little kid. They always made me smile. When I was 12, I wanted a mascot. I looked around the internet, and stumbled across fur suits. I thought they were...
Patricia Sarkar2 months ago
Interview with Dare Van Waes, Cosplay Model and Actress
Once in a while, you'll meet a person who loves to breathe magic into life. Dare Van Waes is one of these people. The avid animation fan and former Disney employee quickly gained a massive following t...
Coral timson2 months ago
How to Get into Cosplay
I always get asked the same old questions by so many people: "How did you get into this?" and "How do I get into this?" Well, have no fear because your answer is here!!
How to Be an Ally to Your POC Cosplayers
The cosplay community is full of creative and nerdy individuals who love to come together to embrace their fellow nerds in fandom shenanigans. As much as the community embraces our differences, we sti...
Mo Sage3 months ago
6 Tips a New Cosplayer Should Know
When you go to a con for your first time and you want to cosplay sometimes it feels scary. Here are six tips that definitely help, some you may have already heard of:
Rachel Lucas3 months ago
Cosplaying with a Mental Disorder
Body Dysmorphic Disorder is described by the Google Dictionary as "a psychological disorder in which a person becomes obsessed with imaginary defects in their appearance." There isn't a lot of discuss...
Milica Markovic3 months ago
My Favourite Cosplays (Part Three)
Welcome back to what will be the tentative final installment in this cosplay series! I'll need some time to find variety for future lists, but for now, let's tag along on a galactic journey with:
Texxx-Man Cosplay3 months ago
Cosplayer Spotlight: The Purple Rainger
Last year, I was searching for cosplay ideas online and ran into a particular cosplay. This cosplayer was dressed in all purple and had a guitar he made like the late Prince. I was curious to know who...
Milica Markovic3 months ago
My Favourite Cosplays (Part Two)
Welcome back to my cosplay series, in which I list my favourite looks by personalities I admire regardless of whether they designed the costumes themselves. Today, I'd like to kick this particular lis...
Milica Markovic3 months ago
My Favourite Cosplays (Part One)
I have long thought about putting together my own cosplay costumes ever since somebody told me back in high school that I should consider partaking in the activity. Once I got addicted to YouTube vide...
Blazzer The Wolf4 months ago
I'm A Furry...So?
Everyone is born different, no matter the age, sex or race. And everyone has a different hobby that they like to pursue. Mine just happens to be that I like being a furry or anthropomorphic, in techni...
Texxx-Man Cosplay4 months ago
4-Year Cosplay Anniversary
About two and a half weeks ago, I celebrated four years of being a cosplayer. I made my cosplayer debut as Texxx-Man Cosplay on August 1, 2014. A year earlier, one of my friends at work was telling me...
Marjorie Roden4 months ago
Shields and Capes, I Stitch
So, what does Coach Mousie do in her off-season when she is not covering hockey (other than going a tad stir crazy missing her Jets and her Bisons)? Well, from April until the end of July, I was finis...
Texxx-Man Cosplay4 months ago
Cosplayer Spotlight: Batsu Cosplay
It's time for another cosplayer interview and recently, I got the chance to interview Batsu Cosplay and got to know more about him. Just a reminder that at the end of every one of my articles, if you ...