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Nancy D4 days ago
I Just Realized that 'The Cheetah Girls' Wore Leopard Print and It Has Ruined My Childhood...
'The Cheetah Girls' is a Disney owned band that is completely based on the Disney movie series: 'The Cheetah Girls' (2003), 'The Cheetah Girls 2' (2006) and the often forgotten third movie 'The Cheeta...
Nancy D11 days ago
How to Shake the World with One Video #DanHowell
Usually when I look to see what is #Trending, I get things like 'Monkey decorates a Christmas Tree' or '#InstagramCrashed ... again'. However, today was different in the best way possible. Today I loo...
Jonathan Sim11 days ago
Why 'Onward' Could Mean the End of the Pixar Theory!
For the past several months, I've definitely moved away from film theories and focused more on film reviews. It's been nearly a year since I've written about a Pixar theory, but I think it's time to d...
Nancy D13 days ago
10 Memes That Will Make You Feel Better About the Last Season of 'Game of Thrones'
I'm sure we can all agree that the last season of HBO's Game of Thrones was extremely disappointing. A part of me wants to give up on being a GOT fan all together. However, memes are here to make ever...
Reaper Sama19 days ago
You Are the Ultimate Mary Sue
So I'm a geek and into fanfiction for a few years now and I've come to form my own opinion on this subject, though I feel it might be a bit of an unpopular one: I actually don't find Mary Sues to be t...
Pedro R Romero a month ago
It's Been Eight Years Already? How Game of Thrones Has Not Changed My Life
Don’t get me wrong, I am not writing to bash this monumental achievement of pop culture. Far be it from me to acknowledge the far-reaching effects of this series on audiences around the world, includi...
Emily Sharpa month ago
17 Pokémon Scandals You Might Have Missed
Pokémon may seem like an innocent, family-friendly franchise, but like any other pop culture phenomenon, it has some skeletons in its closet.
Leigh Hoopera month ago
Thank You MCU
When Iron Man first appeared on the world’s cinema screens, I was only 8 years old. I don’t remember watching it straight away, and I can’t recall the first time I watched it, but I remember it becomi...
Matthew Trundlea month ago
'Game of Thrones' Completely Reshaped My Pop Culture Expectations
I’ve always maintained a bit of distance from broad fandoms due to their intensity, but I have to admit once I began reading the A Song of Ice and Fire series I was completely enthralled. George R.R. ...
Evan Emanuel2 months ago
Played Gay for a Role
What is "Gay For Pay"? Gay for pay is when male or female actors, pornographic stars, or sex workers who identify as heterosexual are paid to act or perform as homosexual professionally. The term has ...
NRG Comics2 months ago
How Has Comic Book Culture Evolved Over the Years?
The precursor to Marvel Comics was born all the way back in 1939 under the magazine publisher Martin Goodman, who created Timely Comics. It’s hard to believe, but that was already eighty years ago. Co...
Angel Santos2 months ago
My Thoughts on the Joker
Many are talking about the movie, Joker. I, for one, intend to watch it soon but I wanted to share some history about this interesting villain.
Amir Royale2 months ago
Why: A Traversal of Our Contextual Hidden Enemies
David Lynch’s 1995 cult classic, Se7en, is a cinematic art piece that poses questions galore. Like many of its psychological thriller peers—Se7en forces audience members to study the darker, bleak areas of their own consciences. The film constantly bathes within the concepts of murder, justice, Christian imagery, morality, and the intertwined relationships between all four to not only engage, but unbalance and distort the information we, as audiences, receive. This was definitely not the easiest...
E Stolinski3 months ago
Beach Bummer
Harmony Korine has a chequered movie history. I’ve been there since Kids (which he wrote), and he’s gone on to write/direct some classics like Julien Donkey-Boy and Spring Breakers. However, he’s also made a real clanger with Trash Humpers. His music videos are also all over the shop, his Rihanna video exhibits the same problems as Beach Bum (I'll come onto that below), and the Umshini Wam Die Antwoord collaboration was a missed opportunity. In contrast, his video for Sonic Youth’s song Sunday i...
Anastasia Stead3 months ago
Group Infighting
It doesn't matter what kind of group it is anymore, there seems to infighting everywhere. It is in places you would expect like politics and religion, to places you would think it would happen less, l...
Indie Films Dee3 months ago
16 Spine-Chilling, But Significant, Details You May Have Missed In Jordan Peele's 'Us'
In film, nothing is there by accident–there are symbols and hidden meanings thoughtfully placed in many movies. Jordan Peele's new thriller, 'Us,' is one of these movies, and if you've seen it, here are 16 terrifying Easter eggs you may have missed (obviously, do not read any further if you have not seen it)!
Melody Porter3 months ago
States Under the Spell of Popular Series
Harry Potter has stolen the hearts and imaginations of bookworms and movie fanatics alike. The franchise has entered numerous industries (games, theme parks, food and beverages, toys, etc.) with its n...
Jeffrey Bentley3 months ago
My Will Smith "Genie" Parody
This is my very first parody gone public. My Will Smith "Genie" Parody! I've been making up songs for years, but this is the first time that I actually did something with it for other people to enjoy. I felt like with all the smack that's been going on towards Will Smith about his first appearance as the genie in Disney's new 2019 live-action film, Aladdin, that he deserved some kind of praise for it. Mind you, yes, I did use his music from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to make this song a reality, bu...