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Lena Bailey3 days ago
'13 Reasons Why' Thoughts/Controversy
So now that I finished the series, let's get into the predictions and thoughts. There are controversies as well. The main controversy stems from the show as a whole. People are still worried that the ...
Journey Scribe3 days ago
Why They Do What They Do: 'Parks and Recreation' MBTI Types
Based on MBTI theory, here's a quick discussion for how I've typed each of the main 'Parks and Recreation' characters!
Hannah Burton5 days ago
Hayao Miyazaki Is out of Retirement
Hayao Miyazaki is out of retirement to make a movie called How Do You Live? If you don't know this man, he is the creator of all these movies: Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, Princess Mononoke, P...
Gene Turnbow9 days ago
"Mighty Aphrodite!" - The Return of the Goddess of Love
Mighty Aphrodite! is a new 3d animated romantic comedy web series from Krypton Media Group, the company behind the now world-famous sci-fi radio station Krypton Radio. The new series follows the adven...
Ember :)11 days ago
An Evaluative Approach to 'Zutara'
Avatar the Last Airbender is a popular animated series co-created and produced by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko. Running from February 2005 to July 2008, the show gained a sizeable fan b...
James Giles11 days ago
'Twin Peaks': Audrey Horne - Dance of the Dream Woman
In a series full of open-ended mysteries and narrative cul-de-sacs, maybe none was more contentious among Twin Peaks viewers than the story of Audrey Horne in The Return. Detached from the main cast, ...
Anna Flaherty12 days ago
Why Audrey Horne and John Justice Wheeler Were Right for Each Other
Despite all the infidelity and confusion in Twin Peaks couples, one that seems to get the most flack is Audrey Horne's relationship with John Justice Wheeler (JJW). Until I joined many online groups I...
My Otaku Animea month ago
Top Ten Favorite Anime Characters
Anime characters are advertised constantly by both production companies and anime fans. However, there is a handful of characters that more popular than others among the anime fandom. Some are popular...
Daniel Evea month ago
Did Jerry Get His Mother Pregnant?
I want to be a filmmaker and I watched Cucumber and Banana on Channel 4 and was inspired by an episode starring two characters talking about a screwdriver being shoved in an inappropriate place. My tu...
Sarah Phillipsa month ago
'The Lion King' in London
A visit to London is not complete without an expensive coffee from an "on fleek" cafe and cheeky trip to the West End for a show. If you're anything like me, there is always a long list of shows you w...
Anna Flahertya month ago
There's Annie
Hello Peaksies. Me again, reporting for duty. As all of you will know by now that in recent months, film-maker Cameron Cloutier has been hard at work creating and producing a film about Annie Blackbur...
Going to the Theatre Can Help Young People in Their Development in Life
Have you ever been to a play and walked away challenged? As an actor, we were told that when we are performing Shakespeare, we must make the audience listen. Words are powerful. They can penetrate to ...
Amy Diacka month ago
Parent’s Anime Life
Dear Parents, if you ever hear screams, moaning, and groaning on the other side of your child’s door, you might think “Is he watching ‘those’ videos?” Don’t worry, he is just watching some anime. In a...
Lena Baileya month ago
'13 Reasons Why' Trailer
OK so Netflix dropped the trailer for the second season, and it was odd. A lot of people on YouTube think that the tapes will be replaced with Polaroids because they were all over the trailer. There w...
Andrea de Leraa month ago
Farewell, 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'
Yesterday, May 10th, Fox confirmed the cancellation of some of its shows, including The Mick, The Last Man on Earth (after that cliffhanger, can you believe it?), and much to my dismay, Brooklyn Nine-...
Arvind Pennathura month ago
The Genius of 'Hamilton'
History is that one subject that most of us roll our eyes at. After all, how does what happened to men who lived hundreds of thousands of years before us affect us in the modern world? Why do we have ...
Eden Roquelairea month ago
Lynchverse Theory: How David Lynch's Films Are All Connected
Warning: Major spoilers for Twin Peaks, Fire Walk With Me, Mulholland Drive, Inland Empire, Lost Highway, Blue Velvet, and Eraserhead. Proceed with discretion. Now that we've had some time to breathe ...
Claire Prichard2 months ago
A Fun Twist in the Week
A week ago yesterday, I was just surfing the internet and checking my email. Like other Hamilton fanatics might do, I play the Lottery daily. Side note about the app: you can download the app on your ...