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Josh Gutkin2 days ago
4 Best Self-Help YouTube Channels for Men
Because us guys need a helping hand every once in a while.
Jay Aaron3 days ago
Friendship In Modern Media – The Kermode and Mayo Film Review and Prepare to Try
In my experience, friendship in media has not been displayed in popular culture in an accurate and relatable way. I only realised this when I came across the following excellent examples of friendship...
Jessie White9 days ago
'Death Note' on Netflix
The hubby and I finally sat down to watch the new Death Note movie on Netflix. We had our doubts, but had planned on watching it the moment we realized it was released. It seemed like it could be a go...
K. Moritz9 days ago
The 70's Film That Inspired BBC's Sherlock
You may or may not have heard of The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes (1970). Mark Gatiss, writer of BBC's hit Sherlock (2010) loves it: "it is a fantastically melancholy film," he says for the Guardia...
Desirae M10 days ago
Why Shows Don't Need A Love Story
I believe a show can still be action-packed, full of mystery, adventure, beautiful, funny, full of drama and plot twists without having main characters fall in love with each other. It takes away from...
"Acceptable" Media Diversity
In a world rife with division and controversy over what is right, what is politically correct, and what is offensive, there has been an interesting phenomenon which has taken over most media, and espe...
Jason Kasunic16 days ago
My Opinion on The Dark Tower Film
It's been a month since The Dark Tower was released in theaters. I watched it opening weekend, and I must say, I don't think it was all that bad. Yes, there were some mistakes, but when it comes to fi...
Ebony Darkins22 days ago
Book vs. Film
Nowadays, a lot of books have been turned into movies. The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, The Lord Of The Rings, to name a few. The general conception of book based films to avid book readers are "but it...
J.T. McDaniel24 days ago
Playwrights vs. Directors
I blame the cinema for one of the more annoying problems in live theater today. Films are created in a unique way. Someone writes a script and sells it to a producer. The producer turns the script ove...
Eden Roquelairea month ago
5 Dark Fantasy Novels that Need TV Adaptations
We are undoubtedly in a golden age of television, especially dark fantasy and horror, what with the recent successes of Game of Thrones, American Gods, and Stranger Things. With all these massive hits...
Sean Patricka month ago
Toronto International Film Festival Raising Money for Female Filmmakers
The Toronto International Film Festival is highlighting women in front of and behind the camera at this year’s festival. In an effort to raise money to support female filmmakers, organizers of the Tor...
Kate O'Callaghana month ago
5 Things the RWBY Fandom Needs to Fix
If you don't already know what RWBY is, read this to get informed:
Michael Bergonzia month ago
The Pledge, Turn, and Prestige
Upon rewatching The Prestige, my writer brain turned on after the second line. The one where Cutter (Michael Caine) explains how every "magic trick consists of three parts or acts." I dug deeper into ...
Georgia Angusa month ago
6 Reasons 'RuPaul's Drag Race' Is the Best Reality TV Show
With RuPaul Charles winning his first Emmy and Lady Gaga making an appearance in the ninth season; which was the shows most watched season to date, RuPaul's Drag Race is starting to become popular wit...
Sean Patricka month ago
Popular Movie Review Podcast 'I Hate Critics' Changes Name
For those that are only still becoming familiar with my work as a critic, you may not know that I am also a podcaster. I know very original, a movie critic with a podcast. It's hosted by music critic ...
Jamie Da month ago
My Top Three Funniest Horror Movies
Horror movies have always had a special place in my heart. One of the first movies I remember being my favourite is Dawn of the Dead (the one that came out in 2004). But sometimes you just wanna avoid...
Steve Cotterilla month ago
'The Wicked + the Divine:' The Faust Act
Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie's seminal comics series, The Wicked + the Divine, plunges the reader into a world where every ninety years twelve Gods incarnate on Earth and have two years to do what...
Ninfa Bia month ago
The Best of Every Kardashian
The Kardashian girls are the celebrities of the moment and everything seems to indicate that they will be for a long time. Each one has her own style, therefore each has her own followers, according t...