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stephanie borges3 hours ago
What About Tempest's Horn?
There are four types of ponies in Equestria: the earth ponies, the unicorns, the pegasi, and the alicorn. You can tell which pony is just by looking at them. But what about Tempest Shadow; you see her...
Don Anderson II7 hours ago
Action Movies/TV Shows Are Amazing Dramas
I don't care what anyone says, as much as I enjoy a compelling drama, action movies/TV shows are remarkable dramas. People don't realize that the action pushes the story forward more and it makes you ...
Rich Monetti3 days ago
'The House Arrest Rooneys' Confines Dysfunctional Family and Talk Show Host Jerry Springer
All marriages require sacrifice and contain many challenges—especially when children are involved. But in Peter Welch's new family oriented sitcom, The House Arrest Rooneys, the storyline takes us way...
Kyle Øashu7 days ago
The Avatar Is Back! But Not in the Way You Think...
Great news for anyone who grew up with Avatar: the Last Airbender like I did, Aang and the gang are coming to Netflix, which is great news... Right?
Aaron Kenny9 days ago
Greatest Hokage, Naruto to Boruto
There has always been a debate on who is the Strongest Hokage. This article will cover who is the Greatest Hokage—this will be done by ranking each Hokage based on the feats they achieved as well as h...
Jakob Danekov14 days ago
'Pretty Woman: The Musical' – A Timeless Story Told Through the Tunes of Bryan Adams
With Broadway's recent tendency of musical adaptation of film and TV, Pretty Woman: The Musical could very easily have ended up as mediocre and forgettable. However, this could not be further from the...
Alice Fernyhough16 days ago
Luna Lovegood Should Have Been a Lesbian
In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, the fifth installation in the Harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling introduced Luna Lovegood. Many readers were instantly infatuated by her quirky and often w...
Freda Mattea18 days ago
Your Favorite Musical Is What?
When I heard that SpongeBob the Musical was coming to Broadway, I, like the majority of the world, asked myself one question: "Are we completely out of ideas for Broadway shows?" and I swore to myself...
Louise Autumn 19 days ago
Fictional Television Characters Who Changed My Life
In my life, fictional characters have seemingly impacted who I am. There's many greats. It was a tedious process, narrowing it down to the top ten but I eventually came up with the list below.
George Nekilan21 days ago
Lies You Tell When Netflix Cheating on Your Partner
If you're in a romantic relationship and you've never Netflix cheated, chances are you've still been Netflix cheated on. Netflix cheating is considered by many to be an unforgivable sin, while others ...
robert massimi22 days ago
Robert Massimi. Unravelled is a play about a mother, younger and older who loves her daughter unconditionally and a daughter who loves her mother as well, that is until she gets sick with both cancer,...
Michael Reynoso23 days ago
Fan Animation Review: 'Broly vs Ultra Instinct Goku'!
Welcome, Dragon Ball fans!! Today, our good friend UHG Animation has released his own Broly Movie Fan Film. The title is called Goku Mastered Ultra Instinct vs Broly – Fan Animation – Dragon Ball Supe...
Alexis S.25 days ago
Why Albus Dumbledore Is Problematic
Everyone has their disagreements with characters from their favorite book, especially when there are more than one book in a series. When the Harry Potter books came out, I was a teenager. So I loved ...
SKYLERIZED a month ago
Pulling Rank: Works That Exemplify What a True Spy Hero Is from Smart Slob to Luminary
Every agency from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has been tasked with safeguarding the lives and property of Americans. Other internationals like th...
The Sessaa month ago
Building a Cinematic Universe
In recent years, it’s become apparent Hollywood has been placing bets on creating cinematic universes within different film franchises, whether that franchise is deserving of them or not. It’s quite s...
Power Rangers at 25
It's Morphin' Time! Today is the 25th anniversary of one of my favorite 90s TV shows: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. It premiered on Fox Kids on August 28, 1993 and ran for three seasons. It's one of t...
Kirsten Trowera month ago
What to Watch Next on Netflix!
If you're stuck in movie or TV show limbo, this is the guide for you. (Feel free to skip to the end for a complete list.) First up: