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Marguerita Tan5 hours ago
Five Behind-The-Scene Things You Should Know About 'Killing Eve'
Just like a good book that is unputdownable, Killing Eve is an engrossing spy series that grabs you from the very first episode and tangles a string of intriguing events that hooks you into wanting to...
Ada Zubaa day ago
How To Make a Great Villain
Now, many writers struggle with creating a good villain. Here is a simple list of elements that every villain needs:
Colin Kowal4 days ago
Fan Entitlement Is Getting Excessive
When’s the sequel coming out? This question has probably been around for as long as entertainment has been made. However, only recently has it gone from something a person thinks in their head to some...
travus Leroux10 days ago
'Dragon Ball Heroes' Episode 2
Greetings from the Dragon Ball Universe. I hope the fandom is geared up and ready for the second installment of the Dragon Ball Heroes Anime. If you are not familiar with Dragon ball Heroes, I would e...
Adam Wolf13 days ago
Being Old Is Badass?
So old, broken heroes with beards are the new ideal father figures to have these days? We've seen it multiple times in films such as Logan (2017), Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017), video games such as ...
The Witching Hour
The Witching Hour: six hours of talent with six revolutionary performers. In the oubliette of The Harrison, an historic pub a short walk from King’s Cross, an eclectic audience were entertained by wri...
Lena Baileya month ago
'13 Reasons Why' Thoughts/Controversy
So now that I finished the series, let's get into the predictions and thoughts. There are controversies as well. The main controversy stems from the show as a whole. People are still worried that the ...
Journey Scribea month ago
Why They Do What They Do: 'Parks and Recreation' MBTI Types
Based on MBTI theory, here's a quick discussion for how I've typed each of the main 'Parks and Recreation' characters!
Hannah Burtona month ago
Hayao Miyazaki Is out of Retirement
Hayao Miyazaki is out of retirement to make a movie called How Do You Live? If you don't know this man, he is the creator of all these movies: Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, Princess Mononoke, P...
Gene Turnbowa month ago
"Mighty Aphrodite!" - The Return of the Goddess of Love
Mighty Aphrodite! is a new 3d animated romantic comedy web series from Krypton Media Group, the company behind the now world-famous sci-fi radio station Krypton Radio. The new series follows the adven...
Ember :)a month ago
An Evaluative Approach to 'Zutara'
Avatar the Last Airbender is a popular animated series co-created and produced by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko. Running from February 2005 to July 2008, the show gained a sizeable fan b...
James Gilesa month ago
'Twin Peaks': Audrey Horne - Dance of the Dream Woman
In a series full of open-ended mysteries and narrative cul-de-sacs, maybe none was more contentious among Twin Peaks viewers than the story of Audrey Horne in The Return. Detached from the main cast, ...
Anna Flahertya month ago
Why Audrey Horne and John Justice Wheeler Were Right for Each Other
Despite all the infidelity and confusion in Twin Peaks couples, one that seems to get the most flack is Audrey Horne's relationship with John Justice Wheeler (JJW). Until I joined many online groups I...
My Otaku Anime2 months ago
Top Ten Favorite Anime Characters
Anime characters are advertised constantly by both production companies and anime fans. However, there is a handful of characters that more popular than others among the anime fandom. Some are popular...
Daniel Eve2 months ago
Did Jerry Get His Mother Pregnant?
I want to be a filmmaker and I watched Cucumber and Banana on Channel 4 and was inspired by an episode starring two characters talking about a screwdriver being shoved in an inappropriate place. My tu...
Sarah Phillips2 months ago
'The Lion King' in London
A visit to London is not complete without an expensive coffee from an "on fleek" cafe and cheeky trip to the West End for a show. If you're anything like me, there is always a long list of shows you w...
Anna Flaherty2 months ago
There's Annie
Hello Peaksies. Me again, reporting for duty. As all of you will know by now that in recent months, film-maker Cameron Cloutier has been hard at work creating and producing a film about Annie Blackbur...
Going to the Theatre Can Help Young People in Their Development in Life
Have you ever been to a play and walked away challenged? As an actor, we were told that when we are performing Shakespeare, we must make the audience listen. Words are powerful. They can penetrate to ...