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'The Lazarus Effect'–A Review (Netflix)
5 hours ago
Back in the late eighties, Peter Filardi wrote a screenplay that started a mini bidding war. The story of medical students dying and bringing themselves back proved an enticing and intriguing premise,...
'Polar': A Review (Netflix)
14 hours ago
If you were to take a John Wick film and splice it with Kill Bill 2, the bloodier of the two-parter, and it was directed by a Guy Richie protege, who hadn’t quite got the grasp of subtlety, you would ...
'Between Worlds' - A Review (Netflix)
3 days ago
Nicolas Cage is one of the most watchable actors of his generation. Part of the famous Coppola dynasty, Cage’s performances on screen have ranged from the extraordinary to the ludicrous and everything...
'Viking Destiny'—A Review (Netflix)
4 days ago
Let’s talk about the title. Viking Destiny. Viking. Destiny. Not A Viking’s Destiny or Destiny of the Viking. Viking Destiny. Is it about the destiny of the Viking people? Well, it sort of is. Let me ...
'Alien Warfare'–A Review (Netflix)
7 days ago
It was calling me; when a film registers two point four on IMDB, it is begging to be reviewed. Begging I tell ya! The opening credits, which looked like they were knocked up on a budget PC, are woeful...
'Unicorn Store' - A Review (Netflix)
7 days ago
If you are a fan of the MCU (like me), and watch a lot of the press and promotional stuff online, in the run-up to an upcoming release, you may have noticed an unlikely friendship develop between a co...