Tara Edwards

New York based freelance writer and story master at the 8-Player Pictures film company. You can find her blogging about anime, video games, and life philosophies on findtaraedwards.wordpress.com or tweet her @findtaraedwards.

Mafia in American Cinema
3 years ago
In 1973, a showdown occurred between what is considered two of the best films in cinematic history at the Oscars. Ultimately though, Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather walked away with the Best Pict...
Weird 'The Walking Dead' Merchandise
3 years ago
Merchandise deals seem to last forever once something becomes popular. After all, there’s much money to be made among those zealous fans who desperately want to collect any and all specialty items. So...
The Walking Dead’s Best Comic Book Characters
3 years ago
Adaptation from print to live action often results in changes. Sometimes those changes happen because elements in the source don’t translate well to the new, faster-paced medium. Other times, it’s a c...
Cosplay Is Not Consent
5 years ago
The buzz and excitement of a Con is unrivaled by any other geek/nerd/otaku gathering in existence. The single release of even the most popular video game or comic book is only a fraction of the atmosp...