Trevor Wells

I like to write about just about anything that interests me: horror, movies, TV shows, etc.

Lifetime Review: 'Stalked by My Doctor: The Return'
7 days ago
Lifetime must've seen the large buzz generated by Stalked by My Doctor and realized that what they had was, unlike most of their movies-of-the-week, could be something they could make into a movie ser...
Lifetime Review: 'Stalked by My Doctor'
7 days ago
With over 500 credits under his name, Eric Roberts has proven himself to be a versatile and well-versed actor. Eric has, in recent years, begun lending his talents to the Lifetime world, and thus led ...
Film Review: '#RealityHigh'
9 days ago
Social media has changed a lot in the world—in both good and bad ways. The bad, for example, can be viewed through a childhood incident revolving around Dani Barnes (Nesta Cooper), whose friendship wi...
Movie Review: 'Alex Strangelove'
10 days ago
When it comes to teenagers, it can be hard for them to navigate the bizarre train that is their ever-changing bodies and emotions. Initially, though, you might think differently regarding Alex Truelov...
Movie Review: 'You Get Me'
20 days ago
In a nutshell, Netflix's 2017 original film You Get Me is a Lifetime obsession thriller with a bigger budget and a more well-known actress as the Glenn Close-esque obsessor. As the film begins, it app...
Movie Review: 'Killer Island'
25 days ago
An island vacation is supposed to be a relaxing day of sunshine and ocean views. That's certainly what married couple Ashley and Mike Porter (played by Barbie Castro and Brian Gross, who previously pl...