Trevor Wells

I like to write about just about anything that interests me: horror, movies, TV shows, etc.

Lifetime Review: 'Wrong Swipe'
4 days ago
NOW it's time to tackle one of the films at the bottom of MarVista's barrel. Mind you, I love MarVista; their films (even if everything else is terrible) provides me with attractive people and sets to...
Lifetime Review: 'Online Abduction'
4 days ago
Since I just spent my past two reviews praising Lifetime movies that take on the evils people use technology to commit, I thought it would be best to counteract them with a couple of films that show t...
Lifetime Review: 'Revenge Porn'
5 days ago
Released in 2016, Revenge Porn (alternately given the somewhat problematic title My Daughter's Disgrace) premiered right after Lifetime's much-hyped remake of one of their most classic movies, Mother,...
Lifetime Review: 'Break-Up Nightmare'
5 days ago
A personal fact about myself: I don't care for people who say that social media is "ruining society." Life has been greatly enhanced by social media, as it allows to people who never would've met othe...
Lifetime Review: 'Fatal Defense'
6 days ago
Since I talked about this Lifetime "thriller" from last year in my recent review of Blood, Sweat and Lies, one of 2018's first Lifetime premieres, I figured I could devote 600 words or more to talk ab...
Lifetime Review: 'Blood, Sweat and Lies'
10 days ago
Oh, Lifetime, what happened? After releasing a string of amazing Lifetime flicks from your 2017 Deadly Resolutions marathon, things seemed so bright for you. Great acting, character depth, and enterta...