Trevor Wells

I like to write about just about anything that interests me: horror, movies, TV shows, etc.

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Lifetime Review: 'Terror in the Woods'
2 days ago
For 11-year-old Rachel (Ella West Jerrier), starting at a new school is only the tip of her problems. With her mother and stepfather recently separating and her mother being too preoccupied with work ...
Lifetime Review: 'The Sinister Surrogate'
3 days ago
It seems that Danielle (Kelly Thiebaud) has everything a young woman could ask for. With a beautiful house and a successful and loving husband in Josh (Brian Ames), there's only one thing Danielle fee...
Lifetime Review: 'Guilty at 17'
4 days ago
17-year-old Traci Scott (Erin Sanders) has got a lot on her mind as of late. Not only does she find her athletic future in track jeopardized by a debilitating leg injury and her family struggling fina...
Lifetime Review: 'Missing at 17'
2 months ago
For the longest time, 17-year-old Candace (Ayla Kell) has felt more than a little disconnected with her family. In addition to her parents' rocky divorce, she feels inordinate pressure from her mother...
Lifetime Review: 'Fugitive at 17'
2 months ago
Despite everything she has going for her, 17-year-old Holly Hamilton (Marie Avgeropoulos) has had a rough life. While her technological skills are that of geniuses and her grades are exceptional, the ...
Lifetime Review: 'Homecoming Revenge'
2 months ago
Things are going pretty well for Isabelle Taylor (April Bowlby), who has a successful florist business, a successful husband in Rob (Mike Faiola), and a driven daughter in Sierra (Abbie Gayle). But a ...