Best Friends Shocking Wedding Tradition

Two guys make up fake identities and attend weddings uninvited to get free food and sleep with women.

John Beckwith and Jeremy Grey are divorce mediators and best friends who are living and working in Washington, D.C. John and Jeremy have a ritual that they look forward to every spring - crashing weddings. The duo create elaborate identities and backstories in case other guests ask them how they are acquainted with the bridal couple. John and Jeremy infilitrate themselves into the wedding reception by dancing with the flower girls, blowing up balloons for small children, getting down on the dance floor and schmoozing with the relatives. The duo's main goal is to hook up with attractive females at the reception, a feat that they somehow always manage to accomplish.

When Jeremy reads in the paper that influential politician Treasury Secretary William Cleary is hosting the ritzy wedding of his daughter, he decides that this elaborate wedding will be the piece de resistance of their wedding crashing season. Although John is initially reluctant, he is swept away by Jeremy's enthusiasm. Due to the heightened security, both men know that they have to be at the top of their game to pull it off. At the church John lays eyes on the Senator's beautiful daughter Claire, who is a bridesmaid, and he feels an immediate attraction. Likewise, Jeremy spots the Senator's youngest daughter, Gloria, and tells John that he has "dibs" on her. At the reception both Jeremy and John go after the two women and try to get close to them. When Jeremy has sex with a besotted Gloria at the reception he is startled when she immediately starts acting like a crazed stalker. 

Love at first cray cray

Meanwhile, John, who has gotten to know Claire during the reception, is dejected when he discovers that she is engaged to a pompous Ivy league jock named Sack. When Gloria invites Jeremy and John to a weekend at the family summer house, John pushes Jeremy to accept the invitation. Although Jeremy is trying to shake Gloria loose, John is infatuated with Claire and desperate to spend some more time with her. Over the course of the weekend John and Jeremy butt heads with a hostile Sack and make inroads with both Gloria and Claire. Both Jeremy and John have continued to represent themselves as the Ryan brothers, two venture capitalists from Vermont. John struggles with this lie and prepares to be honest about his true identity to Claire. Just as Claire is beginning to open her heart up to John, Sack is preparing to expose the two men as frauds. 

Will these two knuckleheads somehow manage - despite their worst intentions - to actually find true love?

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Best Friends Shocking Wedding Tradition
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