Season 2 Episode 11 "Mea Maxima Culpa" Review

Shadowhunters season 2 episode 11, "Mea Maxima Culpa" left me breathless. 


Here are my thoughts (not nessesarily in order of the events that happened since my memory is terrible). 

Jace and Clary being called to the Inquisitor freaked me out. Especially with how rude she was toward them, but then again, that's her character from the books, so I liked that it's stayed true to her. 

Jace and Alec training really gave me feels for them and the fact that they're paraboti. I really wish Jace would tell Clary that they're not brother and sister, but hey... he's being stupid right now. 

Clary and Simon moment. I'm not talking about this (yes I ship Clace... I don't even know Clary and Simon's ship name because I don't care to know. Haha). 

This really charming, handsome guy walks into a bar... (no this is not a joke) and ends up killing everyone in it with the wave of a hand. My first thought was that it was Sebastian already... even though the pictures of him online have been different. 

Later on in the episode, you discover that the bad guy in the bar is actually a greater demon named Azazel. 

Meanwhile... Izzy comes running back to Raphael for another fix. He denies her. Darn it, I wish they would get together but without being high. He's trying to do the right thing (yay for him), but he's pushing her away for her own good. Even though they're not a thing in the books, the show doing it has definitely got me interested and I LIKE IT. Even though I ship Sizzy. 

So she runs to another vampire den and I'm thinking: "she's going to get herself killed." When, bam! Azazel shows up. Sebastian saves her and man is he charming!

He takes her to a place... His apartment or something, I'm guessing. Can I just repeat that MAN IS HE CHARMING! I'm in love with him already even though... 




Even though he's a major evil guy and killer. I hate myself for loving him already but then again, he's supposed to start off being charming, isn't he?





Jace and Clary get into a fight because Jace WONT OPEN UP TO HER and she had to find out they were NOT brother and sister from Valentine... 

Whoa. I should back up. 

Everyone is looking for Azazel because they think he kidnapped Izzy, so Jace and Clary go to see Valentine who knows nothing. Instead, he figures out that Clary still thinks she and Jace are siblings so he blurts it out. They leave his cell and Clary freaks on Jace because he should have told her. Jace, meanwhile, is being aggrevatingly closed off and even Clary notices it. She warns him that after everything he's been through and all the death he's seen that he should be feeling something and if he isn't... it isn't good for him. 

Later in another seen, Jace is overlooking a balcony and Alec walks up and calls his name. Jace, I'm thinking is possessed or something terrible, but he turns around and he's full on crying. It gives me so many feels and I just... Wow. It was an amazing paraboti/bro moment between the two of them. SOOO sweet. 

They summon Azazel thinking it's the only way to save Izzy. He doesn't know where she is (um, well because she isn't with him...) and ends up breaking out of the wards and giving everyone a major headache that drops them all. 

Magnus is acting weird after Azazel tells him that he's a "disgusting warlock" so I'm thinking  that they could be bringing Magnus' dad into it from the books) but I'm not sure. I'm probably wrong. Don't listen to me, haha. 

Jace is the only one who can stand up. Somehow, he activates a rune on his own (after meeting Clary's eyes in a majorly romantic way *sigh*) but Azazel escapes. Oh and he walked up to Valentine to "show him something." 

Jace talks to Clary and they both agree that they need time to process. Urg. I'm really hoping that they don't take too much time because I'm ready for them to be together again. 

The ending scene shows Magus bolting away from Alec, which is surprising and as he's walking down the street, he looks at his hands. "Disgusting warlock," he mutters. 

So I'm staring at the screen with my mouth wide open, like WHAAAT? 

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