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Rick Diaz2 years ago
'Justice League': What the Superhero Epic Needs to Succeed
Warners Bros. released the second trailer to its upcoming superhero epic "Justice League" over the weekend at the San Diego Comic Con. Running around four-minutes long, the trailer showcased the epic ...
Viewus Maximus2 years ago
Samurai Cop Review [Minor Spoilers]
Level of insanity from 1 to 10? This one goes to 11. When you think crazy B action movies, you think of the 80's and 90's, ninjas, big muscles, big guns, ditzy female characters, bad plot, and shoddy ...
Eli Sanza2 years ago
There's No Such Thing as Too Much TV
I would like to address a common complaint within the TV world about there being too many good shows and not enough time to watch them. Ever since the evolution of streaming sites like Netflix, the am...
Phillip Woodford2 years ago
Game of Thrones more than meets the eye.
Game of Thrones is back again for 2017 with even more nude bodies, sword fights, and fire breathing dragons. Since the first season the show has seen increasing popularity, becoming one of the most po...
Kate O'Callaghan2 years ago
Unlucky 13?
Apart from (gasp) a woman, who is Jodie Whittaker and why was she chosen as the new doctor?
Viewus Maximus2 years ago
Top 5 British Gangsters
These are all just my opinion.
Paul Levinson2 years ago
Review of Game of Thrones 7.2
Game of Thrones 7.2 had lots of great intrigue and plotting, capped off with a top-notch battle at sea — the opening salvo in the wars ahead. Euron is played by a Scandinavian, and makes a hell of a b...
The Birth of a Commotion
It wasn’t exactly the shot heard ‘round the world, and it didn’t need to be; it was the press release sent and resent around the Twitterverse. On July 19, HBO announced some of its post-Game of Throne...
Rhi Wright2 years ago
7 Obscure Anime
These shows have less than 50,000 views on MyAnimeList, which, in a world where shows that people are talking about generally boast at least 300,000 views, makes them obscure. They’re all good shows t...
Rachel Lesch2 years ago
A Review of 'Clarissa' by Samuel Richardson
At around 1,431 pages, Clarissa or The History of a Young Lady beats out Les Miserables by Victor Hugo (826 pages), Bleak House by Charles Dickens (813 pages) and War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy (955 pag...
Lizzy Arrow2 years ago
New Doctor Who Played by Jodie Whittaker
Jodie Whittaker is married to an American actor named Christian Contreras; they had their first son in 2015. She also had a nephew named Harry Whittaker who had Down Syndrome and played Leo Goskirk, a...
When Good and Bad Film Making Ends... Mediocrity Begins
“What are you afraid of?” Fear is a huge part of our lives, it shapes us into the people that we become. From heights to spiders to crowds and darkness, it is the age old emotion that is unique for ea...
Rhi Wright2 years ago
7 Great Magical Girl Shows
Magical girl is one of the more popular genres of anime. Aimed primarily at a young, female audience, almost every show is about teenage girls saving the world. With the popularity of male-led superhe...
S Grace2 years ago
Nashville: How to Make Everyone Happy
It has been almost five months since Connie Britton's surprising exit from Nashville and Rayna Jaymes' devastating death on the episode “If Tomorrow Never Comes” which aired on February 23. While the ...
Airam Zenemijil2 years ago
Hardwork and Natural Talent
Are you familiar with FLCL, Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, and Kill la Kill? What do they have in common? Right smooth and powerful animation. Studio Trigger had been ...
Robert Cain2 years ago
'War for the Planet of the Apes' Movie Review
Released: July 11th 2017 (UK) Length: 140 Minutes Certificate: 12A Director: Matt Reeves Starring: Andy Serkis, Woody Harrelson, Steve Zahn, Karin Konoval, Terry Notary, Devyn Dalton and Amiah Miller ...
Sasha Boileau2 years ago
My 'Clannad' Review
Clannad started as a video game and branched out into two seasons and a movie. Each season aired at different times, the first episode of the first season was aired on 2007. The first season is Clannad, the second season is Clannad: After Story and the movie is simply titled Clannad: The Movie. To specify, most people who have seen Clannad are of the eighteen to twenty-five age range as the series was aired in 2007 and the intended audience was teens at the time of its release. Although anime is...
Rachel Newcombe2 years ago
The Appeal of Cinematic Criminals
I recently took the plunge and watched the famous Ocean's Eleven. Followed by Ocean's Twelve. And rounded off by Ocean's Thirteen. I figured it was time to crawl out from the rock I had been living un...