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Matthew Trundle17 hours ago
What the Emmys Got Right (and Wrong) in This Year’s Nominations
Today’s television landscape is so vast and grand that widdling down hundreds of shows to produce six to eight nominees must be a pretty thankless task, and one that will surely not please everyone. Y...
One of the Most Cultural Icons in the World Sprouted from the Wheat Fields of Kansas
Hollywood may be dubbed "Tinsel Town," but it isn’t a town at all. It is a neighborhood, a community, an area, a state of mind, a lifestyle, and an industry. It represents dreams, glamour, celebrities...
Kevin Gardner2 months ago
Technology Tactics That Saved Disney
Technology is all around us and is increasingly becoming more and more of a staple in our culture. We use it everyday, so it's no surprise that businesses are now thriving by utilizing these new techn...
Charles Quinn2 months ago
The Issue with Film Ratings
-Sources for statistics are listed at the bottom of this article, enjoy.-
Karen Goldfarb2 months ago
To Cannes and Cannes Not
The Cannes Film Festival of 2019 is in full swing, with the usual scandals, beautiful people, paparazzi, wannabees, con men, and hucksters filling the joints, the clubs and the bars, hotels and clubs ...
Brian Anonymous2 months ago
Why I'm Getting Worried About Disney
Disney's always been the family-friendly company that everyone's grown to love, but over the years, it seems that they're growing incredibly large and don't seem to be slowing down. This scares me a b...
Sommer Leigh2 months ago
Youtubers You Need to Start Watching
With all of the drama circling the YT community, it's time we move on from that, and look more closely into the channels that come with comedy, and pure entertainment, while leaving the drama off came...
Jonathan Reed3 months ago
And the Oscar Goes to… Stunts
The Academy Awards have 24 categories, many have been present since its inception in 1929. And whilst there has been numerous removals and additions throughout the years, one category which has never ...
WatchMojo 3 months ago
Top 10 Things Disney Does That Pixar Doesn't
That’s not in Pixar’s wheelhouse. Welcome to WatchMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the "Top 10 Things Disney Does That Pixar Doesn't." For this list, we’ll be looking at the aspects of Disney animated films that have not appeared often or prominently in Pixar films… so far, at least. Also, we’ll be speaking generally here, so not everything is going to apply 100 percent of the time.
Carson Lane4 months ago
Diversity in Film: Slowly Moving in the Right Direction
The last couple years have been advantageous to women in the entertainment industry, with the release of female-led films, female directors recognized with awards, and the reverberations of the #MeToo...
Lia F.4 months ago
Tribeca Film Festival 2019
The 18th Annual Tribeca Film Festival, running from April 24 to May 5, is set with the world premiere of Academy Award-winning director Roger Ross Williams and HBO’s feature documentary Apollo. The fi...
Luther Bottrill4 months ago
The Ultimate Guide for Pre-Production
Pre-Production. What's the big deal?
Patricia Sarkar4 months ago
The History of Marvel Studios
How did Marvel Studios become the most successful movie franchise in film history? It certainly didn't happen overnight. The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is the product of 80 years' worth of succes...
DJ Johnson4 months ago
Fight Like a Stunt Woman
She’s running. The bad guys are close behind her. She sees a motorcycle that she can use for her to get away. She hops on, gets it started, and right before she can take off, the director yells “CUT!”...
Ben McVittie4 months ago
Is Cinema Dying at the Hands of Netflix?
The other day I decided to open Twitter because for some reason I convinced myself that would be a valuable way to use my time. I was greeted by a large picture of Spielberg and the headline "Film fan...
Film Critics: What Are They Good For?
“Film criticism (like any other form of art criticism) is important because it helps inform filmgoers about any given film and whether it's worth their time. It also informs filmmakers as well, allowi...
Returning to the Heart of Cinema
Often I am told that the reason most films to hit the box office are flops is that the market now is tailored towards an international audience. This might be so, but the question that I have is, "Why...
Jose Gabriel6 months ago
The McGuffin Problem
We’ve all heard of it before, the plot device, the McGuffin, or the Deux Ex Machina. It’s that one story element that the protagonists are searching for, trying to activate, kill for, or even destroy....