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'Nashville' Fans Launch Part Two of Their #ListentoFansCMT Campaign
2 months ago
Nashies are known for their campaign efforts. Their massive unity and petitions were a huge reason why Nashville found a home on CMT after ABC canceled it last year. If any fandom can come together in...
'Nashville' Fans to Begin Hosting #ListentoFansCMT Twitter Campaign Monday
3 months ago
Throughout season five of Nashville, fans have shown their discontent with the plot and many viewers are leaving their once favorite show behind — one they campaigned and fought for after ABC canceled...
'Nashville' Recap: Farther On
3 months ago
Rayna was always a fighter and many fans have missed that aspect of Nashville since she has been gone. However, that fighting spirit was very much alive on Episode 21, “Farther On”. Deacon receives a ...
‘Nashville’ Recap: “Speed Trap Town”
4 months ago
It has been a long time since an episode of Nashville has focused on Gunnar’s past but on Thursday, episode 20, “Speed Trap Town,” took us to his hometown for a walk down memory lane. During last week...
'Nashville' Recap: "You Can't Lose Me"
4 months ago
It seems a dark cloud has settled over Nashville after yet another heartbreaking episode on Thursday. While Nashville often takes the fans on an emotional roller coaster and keeps them on their toes w...
Nashville: How to Make Everyone Happy
4 months ago
It has been almost five months since Connie Britton's surprising exit from Nashville and Rayna Jaymes' devastating death on the episode “If Tomorrow Never Comes” which aired on February 23. While the ...