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'Fuller House' Recap: Season 3A Finale
2 years ago
With Fuller House season 3B premiering Friday on Netflix, here’s a recap of the season 3A finale, “Wedding or Not Here We Come,” in case anyone needs a refresher of where the cliffhangers left off! At...
Will Kimmy be Stephanie's Surrogate?
2 years ago
As many of you remember, season 3 part A ended with Stephanie agreeing to try to have a baby with Jimmy via a surrogate. A Tanner-Gibbler baby sounds amazing, doesn’t it?! For those of you who need a ...
'Nashville' Season 6 Spoilers
2 years ago
CMT has recently announced that the upcoming sixth season of Nashville will be its last. This announcement follows four seasons on ABC and one previous season on CMT. Although Nashville is one of CMT’...
"Nashville" Recap: Season 5 Finale
2 years ago
If you were looking for drama, Nashville's season five finale, "Reasons to Quit" delivered. In the opening scene, Jessie's ex-husband, Brad Maitland is seen meeting with Deacon. He informs Deacon he's...
'Nashville' Fans Launch Part Two of Their #ListentoFansCMT Campaign
2 years ago
Nashies are known for their campaign efforts. Their massive unity and petitions were a huge reason why Nashville found a home on CMT after ABC canceled it last year. If any fandom can come together in...
'Nashville' Fans to Begin Hosting #ListentoFansCMT Twitter Campaign Monday
2 years ago
Throughout season five of Nashville, fans have shown their discontent with the plot and many viewers are leaving their once favorite show behind — one they campaigned and fought for after ABC canceled...