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'Nashville' Season 6 Spoilers

Who's ready for the 'Nashville' season six premiere on January 4th?

CMT has recently announced that the upcoming sixth season of Nashville will be its last. This announcement follows four seasons on ABC and one previous season on CMT. Although Nashville is one of CMT’s highest rated shows, Nashville’s cancellation follows the channel’s decision to navigate from scripted to unscripted shows, which are cheaper to produce. Season six will consist of 16 episodes and air in two parts with the season beginning January 4, 2018 and the series finale airing in summer 2018. So what does the final season of Nashville hold for our favorite characters? Here is what we can expect so far:

Scarlett & Gunnar

The Exes break up and both Scarlett and Gunnar are on journeys of self discovery as they pursue solo careers. Gunnar even runs into Scarlett and says “I can’t remember the last time I even knew what was going on in your life,” implying they haven’t even seen each other recently. Gunnar also begins to sing with Avery and Will.

Deacon & Jessie

Deacon and Jessie begin dating after Scarlett pushes the relationship and tells Deacon, “you’ve got to call her. Don’t hide your feelings.” Deacon seems to be conflicted between moving on and staying faithful to Rayna as he tells Jessie, “I’m walking around with this piece of me gone and I don’t want to wreck this thing but I don’t see how I can’t.”

Juliette & Avery

Juliette battles depression and leaves her family once again as Avery tries to call her but only gets a disconnected dial tone. However, she returns. Juliette also receives a second chance at Highway 65. She also has a breakdown where she tells everyone, “I don’t want you money, I don’t want your attention and I sure as hell don’t want your love,” followed by, “I don’t feel like singing. I just need to stop” before walking off stage. She also starts following a new man named Darius who appears to be in the self-help business and wants to help Juliette change her life. This seems to cause problems because even Avery makes the remark that she’s putting all her trust in this guy and living her "whole life by his words."

Will & Zach

Zach refuses to forgive Will for not standing by him during the fight with Deacon over Highway 65. Will kisses another guy and also starts working out and doing what appears to be steroids.

Maddie & Daphne

Maddie begins dating pop star Jonah Ford and has to learn how to cope with the increased paparazzi attention. Daphne struggles with Jessie and Deacon’s relationship and even cries, “I want him to be happy but I hate this and I hate her.”

New Characters

According to Entertainment Weekly, five new faces will also be joining the cast of Nashville this season. Including the following:

  1. Darius: an extremely charismatic founder of a self-actualization movement who works with Juliette to help transform her life
  2. Sean: a recent military veteran suffering from severe PTSD who has yet to realize his passion and talent for music
  3. Alannah: a newcomer singer-songwriter who at first is just a backup singer but is soon discovered for the star she actually is
  4. Jonah Ford: a famous handsome young pop star who dates Maddie
  5. Twig: a childhood friend and entourage member to Jonah Ford

Furthermore, Kevin Beggs, Chairman of the Lionsgate Television has issued the following statement, “After more than 120 episodes of unforgettable television, we believe that creatively it is time for the series to come to its triumphant close at the end of the upcoming season. We’re very proud of our incredibly talented cast and crew, the creative brilliance of our showrunners, and the loyal support of our great partners at CMT, Hulu and ABC Studios. Most importantly, we owe a special debt of thanks to the Nashville fans who propelled the series to an incredible run. We owe it to them to make the 6th season the most exciting and memorable of all.”

For anyone who needs a reminder of what happened at the end of last season please check out my Nashville Season 5 Finale Recap HERE

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'Nashville' Season 6 Spoilers
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